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June 26, 2014




Tip pic…Hair and Makeup by Janet, Photography by Drew Weinstein

Subject Line A: Do Your Braids Make the Grade?
Subject Line B: Parade Your Braids—GET PUBLISHED!

Header: Braid Brigade
Braids. This one word is enough to conjure a mental explosion of everything from simple pigtail plaits to runway-chic twists and coils. And that is the magic of braids: they can range from a subtle accent to a major focal point of a look. Plus, they’re so versatile—the placement of the braid can completely change the look: from traditional and straight down the back, off to the side, or a coiled top-knot, there’s a braid for every mood and occasion! With such an impact, make sure you know how to capture the best possible photos of them. And if you want to get your work published—it’s important to know what to do and what NOT to get your artistic work to stand out. And now for some really exciting news—BTC is publishing a braid book! Think you’ve got what it takes to get your work published by BTC? Here are some tips to help your work stand out.
1.  Plain Background. Shoot your finished work against a plain background. Too much activity takes away and distracts from your work.
2. Minimize the Makeup. Don’t overdo the makeup on your model. Heavy makeup can overpower your braid. Simple is best.
3. Wardrobe. Make sure dark hair doesn’t sit on a dark colored shirt—it will not be visible in a photo. Keep the wardrobe simple with neutral colors. The attention should always be on the hair.
4. Learn your camera! Many inexpensive point and shoot cameras have features that help you take better photos, such as exposure settings, color balance and flash controls. Play around with the settings in the location you plan to shoot BEFORE you start snapping.
Submit your best braids to BTC for a chance to be part our new Braid Book. Put your best braid forward and submit your work today!





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