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March 25, 2015

Boost Your Style! Matrix Launches Uplifting New Line

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Listen closely. Do you hear that? All around the world, people are pumping up the volume! The trend for 2015 is straight out of 1985—the higher the bangs, the better. And while more people are elevating their hair game to new heights, they are running into a few snags on the road to boosted style. Sprays, creams, gels and waxes currently on the market are not interchangeable—and if you attempt to use more than one product when styling, you end up with a look that looks, well, far from desirable. What’s a stylist with dreams of upping their client’s hair game to do?  


Matrix noticed this problem—and attacked it head on with the launch of their newest line: Style Link. “Style Link is much more than a new product collection,” says Matrix AVP of Haircare, Mounia Tahiri. “It’s an entirely new styling philosophy that empowers hairdressers and their clients to master any looks with complete confidence.” What Style Link does is take polymers and silicones and links them together to form a hybrid molecule that creates a unique “styling net” that evenly coats the hair—guaranteeing both hold and flexibility. All of the products in the Style Link lineup complement each other and prevent that flakey, tacky, stiff buildup from forming that normally would from mixing products.



And although these products come categorized together in three groups—Prep, Play and Perfect—they are entirely interchangeable. But beyond their lineup of styling sprays or gels, the true star of the Style Link line is the Style Link Booster. With just a few drops from these Boosters to any of the Style Link products, you can amplify volume, maximize shine or increase hold. Imagine all of the possibilities. Matrix Artistic Director Robert Santana simply adds a half pump of Hold Booster to the hair after spraying with the Turbo Dryer Blow Dry Spray for a customized hold. Matrix Artistic Director Daniel Roldan uses the Smooth Setter Smoothing Cream to tame frizz and for a lightweight hold, but he boosts it with Gloss Booster for extra shine. These boosters allow for truly customizable looks! “With 11 products, 3 unique Boosters and breakthrough Style Link Technology, Style Link offers infinite styling possibilities and the tools to create any look an artist can conceive,” says Matrix Artistic Director, Nicholas French.


Another unique feature of the Style Link products? The QR Code, on the back of every Style Link bottle, can be scanned to link the stylists to the Style Link community, where you can access a portfolio of styles to try—including step-by-steps, videos, testimonials and profiles of artists who created each look. “In today’s ‘selfie’ culture, it’s all about sharing and celebrating your style. With Style Link, not only is creativity empowered, it’s encouraged and supported within a vast online community designed for unlimited sharing and exchange,” explains Matrix Artist Dan Csicsai


To demonstrate the versatility of Style Link, Matrix Global Artist Jamie Stevens created this textured men’s look using Play products and a Style Link Booster!  



Want more information on how Style Link Works? Check this out! 


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