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September 28, 2014

Beth Minardi’s Secrets To Staying Inspired!

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Clients often request the same cuts and the same colors over and over again in the salon. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”  “I think it’s very easy, in this business, to fall into the habit of always reaching for the tried and true,” notes color queen Beth Minardi. “You know, when a client sits in the chair and you automatically do the same haircolor that’s been working for her for the last 10 years because you’re good at it, and she likes it. This can become exhausting and you might find yourself becoming bored.” And while there is something to be said for technical perfection, you are an artist, and to that end, your style should be constantly evolving into new approaches and ideas. So where can a stylist turn for fresh new ways to approach hair? Here’s what Beth does to stay inspired!


And no, not just industry-related articles, rather, read a wide range of books and magazines to keep you in touch with your clients. That way, you can know what celeb style is trending before she even sits in your chair. “I get a huge kick out of reading about women who lived in the turn of the century…wealthy ladies who had very specific expectations about how they dressed, presented themselves, did their hair, suffered with corsets in the heat of summer, and cared for themselves when advanced skincare didn’t exist, shares Beth. “I also read about today’s younger generation—college-age folks in their early twenties, who inspire me with the very fresh way they look at the world.”


Listen to Your Colleagues. 
You can learn a lot from fellow professionals, despite where they are from. “I’ve gleaned a lot from the salon professionals I meet all across the country: hearing how they built their  businesses, their thoughts on trends and advances in our industry, and their many personal experiences,” says Beth.


I Heart NY.
“I’m so fortunate to live in this wonderful metropolis; and while I love to travel, I gain immense inspiration from “my town,” says Beth. “Walking through Greenwich Village; peering into store windows; visiting the best manicure shops; retracing Carrie Bradshaw’s steps; touring a new, monochromatic photography exhibit; watching the colors change in Central Park; or sitting in the Impressionist Gallery at the Met surrounded by the mesmerizing shades of Monet, Cezanne, and Van Gogh–there is a limitless supply of inspirational source material around each and every one of us.”


Window Shop. 
Go to the mall, or simply do a little window shopping to see if inspiration will strike. “I walked through the designer floor of Bloomingdale’s, noticing how much black, gray, red, and brilliant blue infused the shelves and racks at every turn.  Sure, I drooled at a Chanel collection almost no one can afford…but I WAS inspired,” shares Beth. “Remember, you can’t wait for inspiration to strike…you need to reach toward it every single day. That’s the kind of awareness that makes life so very special. And it’s all around us, if we only take the time to look.”


Beth’s latest inspirations? Her new 16 formulas were inspired by these inspirations and are perfect for your clients who are looking for a change this fall. “I hope these shades inspire you to create your very own beautifully sumptuous color, whether you take from this and tweak it or create your own – as long as you’re inspired to do your best color work every day!”


Want more? Check out Beth’s new Dimensional Red shade for fall, using her new shades!



Dimensional Redhead
(on virgin brown, Level 4 hair)
Color Formulas
Formula A (root): Equal parts Beth Minardi Signature Permanent Crème Color 5NGC + 7NGC
+ 20-volume developer
Formula B: Equal parts Beth Minardi Signature Permanent Crème Color
7COR + 8RG + 20-volume developer 
Formula C (highlights): Joico Vero K-PAK  VeroLight Lightening Powder
Formula D (glaze): Equal parts Beth Minardi Signature Demi-Permanent Liquid 8C + 10C



1. Apply Formula A to the root area.


2. The hair shaft is then immediately enveloped with Formula B.


3. Highlight the fringe area using Formula C.


4. Glaze all strands with Formula D.


Download Beth’s 16 New Formulas for Fall!