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April 1, 2016

Becoming An AVEDA Salon: An Interview With The HALO Salon Owners

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become an AVEDA salon? We talked to HALO Salon owners Amanda Turner and Megan Moore to find out about their experience in joining the AVEDA family!

Becoming An AVEDA Salon:
An Interview With The HALO Salon Owners

Have you ever been curious about what it is like to go from an independent salon to a salon with brand support? Or, have you wondered why salon owners and managers decide to make the switch? Salon owners Amanda Turner and Megan Moore from HALO Salon have recently joined the AVEDA family and are absolutely in love! BTC had the opportunity to ask Amanda and Megan why they made the choice to become a branded salon and what their experience has been. Read on for more information!

How has joining AVEDA increased your revenue?
Joining AVEDA has had a tremendous impact on our retail and service revenue. We are located in a small town where foot traffic is low. We in no way anticipated the influx of guests we would see when we began carrying AVEDA. Fans of AVEDA in our area will find us on AVEDA.com or see the AVEDA sign in our window and come in.

Undoubtedly, there was some resistance by your staff to change color lines. How did AVEDA help you address those challenges?

Photo courtesy of #AvedaArtist Yuji Okawa

We were definitely hesitant to switch color lines. An AVEDA color specialist came into our salon to demonstrate the color line for us and let our staff experiment with the color. Once we joined with AVEDA, we immediately began taking color classes which were offered complimentary.

We quickly felt comfortable with the lines and formulating for our guests. The support from AVEDA has been exceptional. In this industry, our goal is always to stay current with what’s trending in the world of hair and to hone our skills to keep up. We have had several in-salon classes on both color theory and technique which have helped tremendously in achieving this goal.


What sets AVEDA education apart from other brands?
There are so many education opportunities with AVEDA. Of the classes offered, many are complimentary.

I’ve found that the AVEDA educators are so knowledgeable and leave you with the tools you need to set your business up for success. We feel confident in using AVEDA products and recommending AVEDA products to our guests. Something that is so unique to Aveda is creating custom color for our guests, another thing my staff has learned from AVEDA educators.

AVEDA brand loyalty is super high—why do you think people love the products so much?
You only have to use AVEDA products once to fall in love! The products do what they say they will and the aroma is unlike any other product line that we’ve ever used. 

I think that AVEDA’s environmental leadership is also something that draws in and retains our guests.

Please share business-building tips that you do specifically to leverage your AVEDA business and brand.
It is not only our responsibility as stylists to give our guests a great look, but to educate them
on how to get the most from their investment and recreate the look at home. Many guests are unaware that they need certain products to protect and style their hair. This is one of the best ways to leverage the brand and keep the guest interested and committed to the brand.

The marketing material and period schematics we receive from AVEDA are also great marketing tools to leverage our business. When you keep things changing and feature a different product or treatment every few weeks, the guests notice and are interested.

Interested in becoming an AVEDA Salon? 
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