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July 1, 2015

Be In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself!

Sola Salon Studios takes the guesswork out of salon ownership, giving stylists the freedom and opportunity to make their own way without the worry of doing it all alone. Here are five ways Sola supports its owners while allowing them to flourish as an independent business.

 Be In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself!

When you’re ready to forge your own path in the salon world, there are endless choices and decisions to be made. Should you start small? Do you hire a staff? Do you buy,  or should you lease? What should your hours be? Do you have the ability to manage your own book? It’s overwhelming, for sure, but finding the right partner able to offer a helping hand can make all the difference. Sola Salon Studios takes the guesswork out of salon ownership, giving stylists the freedom and opportunity to make their own way without the worry of doing it all alone.

Here are five ways Sola Salon Studios supports its owners while allowing them to flourish as an independent business.

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1. It’s all about you. Every salon professional gets to create their own company culture. You make all of the decisions when it comes to product, hours, atmosphere and services.

“As I learned about Sola Salons I knew it was the right move for me,” shares Sammy Reval, owner of Luxe Salon in Jacksonville, Fla. “I love being able to control everything that happens in my salon and being my own boss at such a young age is extremely rewarding.”

For many stylists, the American Dream is exactly that, being in control of your future. Sola gives stylists the opportunity to grow professionally with education and networking opportunities while offering the flexibility for stylists to grow and feel personally enriched.

2. You’re surrounded by professionals. The salon professionals that decide to come to Sola Salon Studios know that when they’re here, they’re working along side thousands of like-minded people with similar goals. They are able to focus on growing their career without distractions, yet they have the support of a robust community.

“It’s just a wonderful environment for mature stylists to do what they do best,” says Cecelia Junk, owner of Cecelia’s Hair & Nail Studio in Parker, CO. “I love the sense of community you feel at Sola and fellow professionals are very supportive of each other.”

Other stylists have found that being surrounded by other like-minded individuals has given them the opportunity to expand their business. For example, neighboring nail techs can refer their client “in-house” to someone that colors hair. or provides massages.

“My salon is not isolated, and with many other businesses at the same location, there is always opportunity to create new business,” notes Jessica Lessard, owner of Shear Angelic Bliss in Parker, CO.

3. Your clients love the space. When you’re an owner, you’re able to give your clients a welcoming, private location and your clients are there for YOU. Every suite is equipped with hand-crafted, heavy-duty sliding glass doors, so the noise of the world can be shut out in one fell swoop (or slide, that is).

“My clients say my studio is calming,” says Nicole Beth Miller, owner of Studio 108 in Jacksonville, FL. “There isn’t the sensory overload of a bunch of people and personalities moving around you. It’s the best of both worlds.”

In a private setting, clients and stylists are able to carry a conversation allowing for better service and a better relationship, allowing stylists to cater more exclusively to a client’s needs.

“They love the personal attention they get here,” shares Miriam Turner, owner of Blue Sky Waxing in Bentonville, AR. “It’s all about meeting their needs. They feel relaxed and appreciated. I book extra time for my clients. It has a real impact on the overall experience.”

4. Support is always there. At Sola, someone is always on your side, making sure the lights are on and the water is running. Each Sola location is locally managed; meaning help is just a phone call away.

“A bonus of being at Sola, when things need to be addressed, air conditioning, water leaks, etc., it’s addressed now, not tomorrow, not next week,” says Ronelda Crown, owner of Ronelda International Salon LLC in Colorado Springs, CO.

Jackie Shoop-Zugschwert, from Woodbury, MN, notes her owners Patrick and Erin go above and beyond, even a year and half later. “They had a helpful packet for the questions we forgot to ask in person, yet thought of later that night. They had tons of resources available on taxes, scheduling, advertising, different payment methods etc. They even provided us with posted cards to mail to our clients! Everyone time I see Erin, Patrick or Martin, they ask if there is anything they can do to make anything better for us. I mean, pinch me! I don’t know many places that value people and their needs or rrquets as much as Sola!”

A local franchise also means that stylists can tap into the business side of the industry. For Brandie Kekoa, owner of Be Kekoa Hair Studio in Temecula, CA, the owner of her location encouraged her to follow her dream of launching her own line of products.

“[Scott] was awesome,” she said. “There was a constant uplifting attitude. He encouraged everyone there. He was so positive and said that it could be done and to breathe. So with him saying that, and providing encouragement, I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to launch my own product line. And I did!’”

And that’s not all, on a national level, Sola provides marketing advice and guidance through weekly blogs with marketing tips, a national education program to provide additional in-salon education and social media accounts that provide content and inspiration for stylists.

5. Your network is 5,000 strong. At Sola, owners are part of a nationwide network of individuals with the same goals: blaze your own trail; live your dreams. Sola owners know that they’re part of a movement that empowers stylist to live the life they love.

“It’s an amazing thought that 5000+ others dreams and aspirations of becoming an owner have been fulfilled,” says Jessica Foronda, owner of High Rise Hair Lounge in Elk Grove, CA. “I have no regrets and enjoy every second I am in my studio. My career wouldn’t be where it is today without an amazing company like this.”

Sola is a network of 5,000 salon professionals that chose to move their business and client base forward at more than 230 locations nationwide. And their growth has not end in sight!  t’s The benefits of salon suite ownership are never ending. Can you picture yourself here? Meet all of Sola’s 5,000!

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