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June 14, 2015

Balayroo: Hand-Painted Hair’s Next Big Thing

Behindthechair.com featured the Balayroo in a single Facebook post on a quiet Friday evening in March, and Dana Bremner’s life changed forever. 


When Grand Rapids, MIbased hairstylistDana Bremner, invented the Balayroo—the perfect little tool to balayage in half the time—she knew exactly where to turn. After finding the proper contact information on Behindthechair.com, Dana met with our advertising team and they all came to an agreement. With a tool this innovative, hair stylists everywhere just had to know about it.

Overnight OversightBalayroo Blows Up

Behindthechair.com featured the Balayroo in a single Facebook post on a quiet Friday evening in March, and Dana Bremner’s life changed forever.  After getting home from the salon at 7pm, Dana found that more than four hundred orders had been placed for the Balayroo. “We were extremely unprepared for the amount of orders that we were about to receive. It was a great problem to have,” says Dana.

At the time, Dana and her business partner and salon owner, Chris Elzinga, had been storing and packaging Balayroo’s from the extra space in her basement. That night, they didn’t sleep—in a rush to fill all the orders placed for their special product.

The next morning, Dana got the news that Mary Rector-Gable, Creative Director at Behindthechair.com, was considering a possible partnership. As soon as Mary explained it, Dana and Chris were more than ready to become The Next Big Thing: “The offer was an absolute no-brainer. That was something that we’d love to be a part of. The amount of people [Behindthechair.com] influences is far, far beyond the amount of people that we could influence on our own.”

Premiere Orlando—Balayroo Sells Out
Quick on the tail of partnering with BTC came the invitation to join our The Next Big Thing booth at Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event. With only a few days to prepare, Dana and Chris had to act fast, but the rush was worth it.

“Some pretty big name people that I look up to, as far as leader of education in the industry, were coming over, saying ‘wow this thing is pretty cool’ and that was extremely overwhelming and so exciting,” laughs Dana. “I was on a high for like three days afterwards because of the overwhelming positive response we got from everybody!”

For Dana, the experience affirmed all doubts. “People actually believed in this idea that I had,” she says, “Even though I believe in it, there’s always a little hesitation of whether other people are going to believe in it. I really felt strongly after we left Orlando that this is a good product and other people are going to be able to use it. It’s going to be something that people can use inside the salon and make things easier for them just as it’s done for me,” says Dana.

After turning up at Orlando with 500 Balayroos, Dana and Chris arrived back home with none.

Look by Teryn Silva, Ten Dash One Salon in Ventura, CA

Reflection—Balayroo Going Strong

When it comes to partnering up with behindthechair.com, Dana has no regrets.

“I definitely think that using Behind the Chair is the easiest and most efficient way of getting knowledge to people,” Dana says. “You guys reach real hairstylists behind the chair as opposed to big business. As far as getting this thing into salons and behind the chair, you guys are the place to go. This definitely exceeded all of our expectations as far as partnering up with Behind the Chair. We didn’t even think that this would be a possibility.”