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July 15, 2015

Are You Keeping Your Promise?

“At the core of your salon business thinking, there is a promise you’ve made to your customers. That promise says you’re committed to delivering extreme quality and value with consistency,” notes award-winning author, Neil Ducoff, in his best-selling book Wake Up! It doesn’t really matter what your price point is or what segment of the salon market you serve. It just matters that you keep your promise to your customers to be the best salon you can be.


Ask yourself the question: “Is my business keeping its promise to customers?” This is a yes or no answer. A response that suggests, “most of the time,” is a compromise. Not acceptable. The reality may be that some team members believe in and deliver on the promise and then the rest of the team delivers something less. That’s breaking your promise. That’s compromise.


Below are four steps to help you keep your salon client promise.


1. You need to commit first.
If your business compromised on its promise, as the leader, you watched it happen. It will take a strong commitment on your part to get the entire team up to speed with those who are keeping the promise.


2. Define your promise.
Create a 2 to 3 person team that will identify every aspect of your promise. What does the promise of consistent quality and a high level of customer service look like, feel like and sound like from a customer perspective.


3. Skill or task certify everyone.
Build a skill or task training system that addresses every aspect of your business. This should range from phone skills and replies to frequently asked questions, greetings when clients enter and exit the salon, consultations, problem solving, continuing education, salon service guidelines, goal setting, social media management and retail selling. Each person on your team should be trained in the system and style of communications that is best suited for your type of clientele. You define how and what your clients need.


4. Across the board accountability.
This is where no-compromise leadership need to take charge and stay in charge. It’s keeping your promise 100 percent of the time and that means keeping team members on track and accountable for their level of commitment to the promise. Establish quarterly reviews of how team members are hitting goals of client retention and growth. This gives you a great snapshot on how well they are keeping the business promise. Evaluate the frequency of complaints or compliments by using comment cards and online questionnaires to seek customer feedback.