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July 20, 2016

American Crew’s “Sport Cut” How-To

The short, neat shapes of Ivy League rowing teams are embedded in American Crew’s DNA—the name itself was inspired by rowing “crews.” So who better to share the how-to for this classic cut than Crew, who showcased their “Sport” cut at their banging Opening Night event in Denver?”

1. Create a horseshoe parting relative to the desired shape and style.

2. Clipper with varying degrees of scalp exposure, which is essential in Zone 1.

3. Create a horizontal or vertical transition that’s fitted in the crown. Disconnection exists only in front of the ear, if at all.

4. Maintain considerable, but not exaggerated, length at the top. For this look, length slightly increases toward the face.

5. Finish with a low taper that is fitted and classic, and refine the look with shear-over comb. Employ secondary shape slide-cutting for support/aid of style.

6. Style with American Crew Pomade for a sporty, masculine look with movement to the side. —JS