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Last updated: January 10, 2022

Adding Depth to Blondes: 3 Lowlight Tricks to Try

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3 Techniques to Transition Blondes from High to Low Maintenance

Does adding depth to foiled blondes give you high anxiety? Don’t stress! Transitioning blondes from high to low maintenance is easier than you think with these genius lowlighting tricks. Three blonding experts shared their go-to tips and tricks for applying lowlights and we are sharing them below. Keep scrolling for formulation tricks and placement strategies to start using ASAP! 



Tip #1: Formulate lowlights to color match the client’s natural base 

“My client was sick of the blonde upkeep and wanted something with little to no maintenance,” said Taylor Dellatorre (@taylordidmyhair). “So I opted out of root melting and decided to just color match her natural root and feather that into her regrowth for a seamless look/grow-out.”


Taylor paints lowlights with a “V” sectioning technique using RUSK Deepshine® Cream color. Why? The cream consistency is perfect for feathering up into the root, creating a seamless blend between the regrowth and line of demarcation. 


Watch the video for Taylor’s reverse balayage “V” technique!

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Tip #2: Maintain a bright face frame with a strategic toning placement  

Fun Fact: When a blonde requests deeper tones, they don’t mean their money piece. That’s why BTC Team Member Melissa Maloney (@live_love_dohair) uses a root drop application when toning. By gradually melting the product lower in the back, she can achieve interior depth but still maintain a bright face frame. 


Click the beaker for a full formula breakdown

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  • Formula A (face frame)

    RUSK Deepshine® Ultimate Blonde Blue Powder Lightener + 20-volume Deepshine® Shine Enhancing developer 

  • Formula B (root drop toner)

    Deepshine® Gloss Demi-Permanent color equal parts 7N + 6N + Deepshine® Activator Lotion 

  • Formula C (gloss)

    Deepshine® Gloss Toners BV + Clear + Deepshine® Activator Lotion


Tip #3: Avoid a harsh grow out with this formulation trick

Why does 2021 #ONESHOT Cool Balayage Winner Kaitlyn Dattilo (@hair_bykate) use demi-permanent color to add depth, dimension and smudge foil lines? “Liquid demi colors create a softer transition and a low maintenance grow out,” she explains. “I love using the Deepshine® Gloss from RUSK because it’s formulated with conditioning properties to also give the finished look shine, vibrancy and maximum softness.” 


Watch the video for Kate’s lowlighting technique!

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