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March 28, 2017

A Taste Of The Rainbow With @hairgod_zito

A rainbow collaboration between @hairgod_zito and @bottleblonde76.


No question—Rickey Zito, who goes by @hairgod_zito to his 364k Instagram followers, is a magician with rainbow hues. That’s why we invited him to come with us to BTC “On Tour” on May 1 at the Orpheum Theater in LA! He’ll show you how to think in rainbows and give your clients the color kaleidoscopes they crave. Get your tickets now! Until then, get inspired by Rickey’s rainbow!


See Rickey at BTC “On Tour”!


“Miami sunset” vibes with pops of magenta and yellow. Yes please!



The fiery orange melt on this is heating us up BIG TIME.



Neon yellow paired with an electric green root and that sick etched detail.



Like Rickey would ever do a basic green! He calls this “toxic.”



A truly insane melt from deepest navy to bright turquoise.



This “frozen grape” color paired with that texture? OMG.



This dimensional violet has us dreaming of candy.


BONUS Rainbow Shot

Because we can’t resist!