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September 30, 2015

A Peek Inside the Mind of Angelo Seminara

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For the first time at COLOR, Cut & Style, BTC hosted Saturday Look & Learn Classes at this year’s show in New Orleans. Joining us all the way from Italy was 3-Time British Hairdresser of the Year and Davines International Artistic Director, Angelo Seminara who took the audience on a journey through the entire look—color, cut and style. As BTC Founder and Creative Director Mary Rector-Gable announced on stage, Angelo is one of the most creative hairdressers you will ever see. “He wants clients to look more beautiful when they leave his chair,” she said of her long-time friend. For the crowd Angelo shared cuts to complement his new collection for Davines called Goldess along with a creative half up/half down style and two editorial, avant-garde looks. “The haircuts in this collection complement the colors in the collection. The simplicity of the lines are elegant and more romantic,” he said. “Sometimes you need to give men a new girlfriend!”



For Angelo’s first cut, he shared tips for creating a perfectly undone punk-rock bob using a freehand scissor technique. To talk about the colors in the collection, Angelo brought out Davines International Creative Color Ambassador, Eduardo Paludo who shared three formulas from Angelo’s Goldess Collection which included rose gold, gold and copper gold color looks. Each look was created using Flamboyage Meche Strips, which allow for a very translucent effect. ”I colored the midlengths and ends with two types of lightener,” said Eduardo. Below are two of the formulas Eduardo shares from the collection:



Goldess – Gold



Formula A: MASK Bleaching Powder Activation Source 30-volume developer

Formula B: MASK Yellow MGIA + BNW Activation Source 7-volume developer


Goldess – Rose Gold



Toning Formula: 5g Pure Colour Violet + 1g Pure Colour Yellow + 30g A New Colour Cream Base + 60g A New Colour Activator 5-volume developer

Through his class, Angelo shares several helpful tips that have made him one of the most sought-after hairdressers in the world.


Top Takeaway Tips from Angelo


1. Bobs have been done and then re-done in every color and every material. You have to constantly change the shape to make the end result more interesting.


2. When cutting, Angelo prefers his models or clients to stand so that the hair falls naturally.


3. When working with clippers, think of yourself as a sculptor not a hairdresser. You have to carve the hair to create the shape and layers you want.



4. Don’t aim for a perfect finish. Angelo prefers when hair looks a little unfinished because it’s good for the human psychology—it gives you the feeling that there is room for growth. “You know when you see a building and something is not quite finished? It’s quite a nice feeling, isn’t it?”


5. Always be looking for your next creative muse. Open your eyes and be curious about what you see around you. “We are often forced to do things we don’t always want to do, but that isn’t what hairdressing is about. It’s important to do things you like to do as a hairdresser,” says Angelo.


6. If you see something you like, you can visualize it—memorize it in your head and you will be able to create it.


See all the pics and final looks here!


When it came to sharing his editorial, avant-garde looks, Angelo encourages the audience to take elements of what he was doing and think about translating the look for the salon. “I don’t like things to be too perfect…I get bored easily,” said Angelo. He encouraged everyone to look around and start seeing hair differently, and imagine what more you could do with it. “Create the crazy, out-there stuff that is also something your clients want to wear in the salon,” encouraged Angelo.


Angelo’s Texturizing Trick


Spray each section of hair with a medium hold hairspray such as MORE INSIDE. Spray where you want the line. Go in with hot tongs and start creating the lines, bending the hair, which marks the hair. Continue doing this around the head to add a bit of interest and definition to your color designs.


Angelo’s Avant-Garde  How-To


Take a bit of foam cord and spray with some makeup spray. Angelo used orange and blue. Spray one side orange and one side blue. Take a small section and place the foam over the hair and crisscross the hair around the foam and then crisscross the blue and orange-colored foam in front of the hair. Continue this all the way down the hair use an elastic to pie off the hair and cut off any extra foam.

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