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June 29, 2015

A Legacy of Shear Determination

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Pictured above— Nick Cutter and his granddaughter, Kyla Rose


Keeping up the family name is hard business. Many struggle to break free, to succeed or impress, to live up to the legacy they hold so dear. And then some of us just feel it in our blood—the need and passion to excel in the footsteps of loved ones past.


Enter Kyla Rose, a future salon professional ready to make her mark on the industry. Currently in the mix at Paul Mitchell The School San Diego, she’s a determined young woman with a passionate spark. The hair industry has been a part of her family’s life for three generations. But that legacy is more than just an inspiration to Kyla, it’s a connection to her mother and grandparents.


Like Father, Like Daughter
Kyla’s mother and grandfather, Nicki and Nick Cutter, were known all throughout Southern California for their shear sharpening skills. They were the first father/daughter sharpening team in America—Nicki the first female Master Sharpener in the nation. Nick was president of the National Shear Sharpeners Guild, a prolific and respected association for educating and board certifying sharpeners of professional haircutting scissors. Nicki was heavily involved in assisting for meetings and events, holding her own as part of the best sharpening duo around.


Everything seemed perfect.


And it stayed that way up until August 2012 when all that came to a devastating end. At only 37 years old, Nicki was diagnosed with a deadly advanced cancer, one that didn’t even allow her to get her affairs in order. She lost her life a month into the battle, leaving behind two teenage daughters, a new husband, both parents and a shocked clientele.


Like Mother, Like Daughter
Kyla is proud. She’s proud of the accomplishments of both her mother and her grandfather. She’s taken inspiration from them as well as from her Gramona (her grandmother Ramona, a licensed Cosmetologist) and channeled it into her own passion.


Hair and makeup by Kyla Rose


“Mom influenced me by pushing, guiding, and loving me and I learned by seeing her be successful in this business. She had a big personality and I loved seeing how happy and uplifted people were after she came around,” Kyla says, “I watched Grandpa and Grandmona, who is also a wonderful mentor, work hard at the family business. They are both independent and successful and support our whole family through their hard work.”


Her hard work leads her to success. She’s won a partial Paul Mitchell scholarship with an essay she wrote about her mom. And now that she’s graduated, she’s ready to carry on the family name with her own signature twist.


A Passion Like No Other
For this young artist, it’s all about instilling confidence. She wants people to feel like the best versions of themselves, and considers herself a new age alchemist. “Building an artistic, healthy presence and unique impression is important to me. By focusing on a person’s inner essence, I am able to bring out into the open who they truly are,” she says.


Truly a multidimensional talent, Kyla loves the cutting aspect of her craft, but is also drawn to makeup. For her, it’s a way of artistic expression on a human canvas.


Kyla working behind the scenes


Kyla wants nothing more than to make a name for herself in the industry, and above all else, to make her family proud.


“The universe is on my side,” Kyla says, “and so is my family!”


*Photos courtesy of Natasha Gerschon