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October 16, 2014

A Healthy Dose

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Fall is here and that means your chair will soon be flooded with “summer rehab” clients. You know the ones—their hair is dry, brittle, lack-luster, and more than a little bit damaged from months of carefree sunning and swimming. Luckily, Matrix has just the fix they’re looking for—Repairinside. With an impressive array of ingredients to soothe tired tresses, Repairinside strengthens hair, provides intense conditioning, and leaves hair smooth and shiny. Repairinside treatments are also a great add-on service! Here’s how to get your clients’ hair back to tip-top shape:


The Treatment
1. Section the hair. Apply Repairinside Shampoo to each section, starting with the most damaged areas first.


2. Rinse, and apply Repairinside Conditioner on top of Hyperdose Concentrate. For your most damaged clients, use the Mask on top of the Hyperdose Concentrate.


3. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, depending on level of damage, and rinse.


4. Dry and style as desired, or try this “Healthy Plait” how-to, below!


Healthy Plait
1. Blow-dry clean hair with a thermal protectant that provides some grip and hold.


2. Gather all hair loosely to the side, below the jaw line.


3. Separate hair into two sections.


4. Drape both over the shoulder, toward the front and create a loose two-strand braid.


5. Secure with an elastic at the ends.


6. When complete, further loosen the shape by pulling strands out around the face and creating volume just above where the braid begins.