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November 2, 2015

9 Tips From Eufora At The Premier Beauty Show

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Tragically, within a few days of this event, Don Bewley passed away unexpectedly. We are still sharing this article as a testament to him, what he believed and what Eufora stands for.


Eufora took the stage at the Premier Beauty Show at the Park West Theater in Chicago and they did not disappoint! With four segments featuring different cuts and styles, there was something for everyone to learn. The owner of Eufora, Don Bewley, opened their show by thanking the audience for attending and Premier for hosting the 3-day event. From stressing the importance of working as a leader in this industry, to always searching for new ideas and finding inspiration to create marketable looks, Don encouraged the crowd every moment he was on stage. 


Along with Eufora Global Team Educators Jeffrey Mayo, Steve DeCaro and Mirza Botanovic, Don created 4 fashion-forward styles, including a women’s bob cut, a razor-cut, an on-trend men’s cut and an elegant updo how-to. And BTC was there to take it all in. Here are nine tips from Eufora you can’t miss! 


1. When cutting hair in the salon, always follow the natural part. The hair is going to inevitably fall that way, so cutting from the natural part will make things easier and cleaner.


2. When cutting hair on the side of the head by your client’s ear, take a small section and let it fall naturally. Then tap the hair above the ear—this will create a split in the hair between the ear, meaning some hair will go back and some will go forward. Once the hair is split, you can then cut around the ear.



3. When cutting with a razor, always come into the skinny part of the section. When the cuticle of the hair grows out of the head, it is really soft, and as it grows down the hair shaft, it hardens. You must be careful not to shave off the cuticle of the hair as that will result in frizz and uncontrollable texture. The goal is to have controllable texture.


4. According to Jeffrey Mayo, when doing a razor cut, a straight blade razor is the best way to go. A straight blade will reduce the amount of drag in the hair and it will go right through the hair, ultimately creating more lines. Remember, when cutting with this kind of razor, you can let the tool do the work.


5. For creating a men’s cut, Steve DeCaro had one piece of awesome take-home advice, “If you can take anything home with you today, think square and soft, not stamped and round!”


6. Before cutting a new client’s hair, ask if they are trying to grow their hair, maintain their hair or cut their hair for a change. After they answer that, you can ask if they would like their hair to flip out, curl under or lay straight. By asking them these 6 questions as soon as they sit in the chair, you’ll narrow down what they really want done and save yourself some time. 



7.  When doing an updo, don’t overdo it. The beautiful thing about updos is that they aren’t permanent, and you can totally change the look quickly if necessary.


8. When doing an updo for a client, make sure you know they love the look before they leave the salon. It’s important to read your client and try to feel their energy. If you think they don’t absolutely love what you have done, suggest a way you can change it. You never want a customer leaving your chair unhappy. That’s bad for them and bad for you.


9. And finally, Eufora stressed the importance of having fun with your job. “We are about people, and we get to make people beautiful. Be a leader, be classy and be sophisticated with one another.” –Don Bewley.


Steve DeCaro , Don Bewley, Jeffrey Mayo, and Mirza Botanovic pose for a pic after the Eufora presentation.

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