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October 4, 2016

7 Ways to Keep Your Work Fresh

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“If you don’t update, you’re out of date!” declared Schwarzkopf Professional Global BlondMe Ambassador Kim Vo when he hit the 2016 COLOR, Cut & Style stage (Early bird hotel deals are AVAILABLE NOW for COLOR, Cut & Style 2017 in AUSTIN, TEXAS!). His colleagues—Schwarzkopf Professional North American Creative Director Damien Carney, North American Color Director Rossa Jurenas and National Corporate Trainer Ian Mayer-Marszalek—were right on board, and together they offered insights into new trends and how each stays up-to-date rather than out of date!


There’s a Blonde for Every Base Shade

“There’s a blonde movement now like never before,” Kim shared. “There isn’t a race or culture that can’t go blonde. Everyone has an inner blonde!” To be able to offer a blonde option to every client, be sure to research and stock up on a full range of products to produce the desired tone for each one. “Talent needs the right tools!” declared Kim.


Connect The Ombré

Update old ombré color with an application of Babylights, suggested Kim. Use a brush, hand-paint the lightener and focus on the sections around the face. The lighter face-frame sections will connect with the light ends and pull the entire color look together.



Add an Accent to a Blonde

It’s easy to give a blonde a temporary pop of fun color with the new Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe Blushes. These trendy tones come in Strawberry, Steel Blue, Jade and Ice and last up to three shampoos. “Spray them directly onto the hair and then hit them with a dryer,” suggested Kim, “or use a sponge or a brush and stroke them along the surface of the hair.”


Sponge It On

Stamp, stipple or “kiss” color onto the hair with the new Kiss Sponge from Schwarzkopf Professional. (Audience members loved it so much, it sold out at the show!) Rossa demonstrated how to place three colors on a board, attach two sponges together to create actual “lips,” then smoosh the sponge into the color and kiss it along the strand. “The result is like the color you see in the marbles we played with when we were little kids,” Rossa explained. Another Kiss Sponge feature? “You can do ombré and balayage color applications in 20 minutes,” Rossa shared.



Whether you’re gaming out a cut, style or color design, or snapping a photo of your client for Instagram, use the photographer’s trick of visualizing the end result before you proceed. “Assess the whole look,” said Ian. “Study the face shape, including cheekbones, eyes, jaw and neck. Consider the texture. Look at how the light hits the skin. Pay attention to body shape. All of these elements will help you make the right design decisions.”


Follow Fashion

“I always try to bring fashion into everything I do,” said Damien. One of the best fashion resources around is the seasonal Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks collection. This lookbook and technical guide distills key fashion elements into specific trends, then translates those trends into how-tos for haircolor, haircuts and hairstyles.


“I enter a lot of competitions, like BTC’s #ONESHOT,” Rossa revealed. “I work on real clients in the salon all day so competing brings out my artistic side. It lets me explore new ideas that I may not be able to do on my clients. But often the looks I create to compete lead to techniques I’m able to bring back to the salon!”


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