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April 21, 2017

7 Tips To Keep Your Colors Cool For The Summer


Summer means your clients are heading to the beach, music fests and vacation—but it also means their color is going to need a little extra attention when they’re in your chair. So we went to our color experts and grabbed a few techniques and tips to keep your clients’ colors looking cool, fresh and healthy no matter what their plans are.

1. Fade-Proof The Color
The sun can cause color to fade fast. The best way to keep your brunettes, reds and blondes looking vibrant all summer long, according to color queen Beth Minardi, is with soft lowlights. Place them in the back and on the sides, using an opaque, demi-permanent crème formula to softly deepen selected strands, she says. As these lowlights lighten in the sun, the hair will maintain its dimension and an interesting tone-on-tone look.

2. Brighten and Protect
When highlighting clients, concentrate on adding bright shades around the face, and reduce the number of highlights through the body of the head and nape. This will brighten the complexion and protect the rest of the hair from appearing over-highlighted.

3. Don’t Forget The Fringe
Adding detail to the fringe area is important when you’re working with super light blondes. Justin Anderson takes very small sections that follow the hairline, places foils tightly against the scalp, and finely weaves in his highlights. Place your foils facing down toward the face and always follow your client’s hairline so there isn’t a shadow when she pulls her hair into a ponytail.

4. Go Interior With Your Ombré
What lies beneath can provide a significant “pop” when working with long, one-length or long-layered hair. When working on interior sections, wrap lightener or colored highlights in very, very close sections, alternating weaves and slices. It’s not necessary to lighten all the way to the scalp—instead, begin mid-strand where the head begins to curve. Lift until the highlights are quite light. You can also add a few accent pieces to the fringe or face-frame sections. With interior ombré, the effect is quite modern when the client gathers her hair into a summer ponytail or updo.


5. Set Them Up For Success
Rebecca Taylor knows how to keep her client’s color looking fresh no matter the time of year, but in the summer, color care becomes even more important. “If you create a solid color or something that’s dominantly blue or purple, you can send them home with a pigmented shampoo,” says Rebecca. “And always use color-safe products for sure, nothing clarifying, and use freezing cold water.”


6. Go Horizontal and Keep It Healthy
Balayage is the perfect beach look—so when George Papanikolas balayages, all of his sections, except those around the face, are horizontal. “That’s the way the hair falls,” he explains, “so horizontal sections provide maximum impact. And I want to get the most impact from every section. Plus, if you don’t put in a zillion foils, the hair will stay healthier. But remember—this is just for balayage. If you were to put these horizontal sections into foils, you’d get hard zebra stripes!”


7. Create A Low-Maintenance, Natural Color
Always use purposeful placement when framing the face, then slowly lower the intensity of the brightness in the back. This way, it replicates how the sun would naturally brighten the hair. @prettylittleombre suggests uses a babylight technique or faded foiling to brighten and create a truly low-maintenance color!