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April 23, 2015

7 Tips for Better Bridal Makeup

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They say a bride’s wedding day is the most important day of her life. She wants to look stunning, she wants to feel beautiful and she wants her makeup to last! As any makeup artist knows, with brides there are often weather elements, tears and redness to control when it comes to her cheeks, eyes, face and lips. To help make sure you’re set for your bride’s big day, Lori Leib, Bodyography™ Cosmetics Creative Director and professional makeup artist, shares her top seven tips for creating a natural, beautiful face that remains flawless all night long. 


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1. Layering is key. For a gorgeous makeup look that will outlast the big day, layering your makeup it essential. For perfectly flushed cheeks, layer cream and powder products for a multidimensional look that will last. For lips, it is important to layer lip liner, lip stick and gloss for a kissable pout that will outlast kissing and champagne toasts.


2. Overdo it for the camera. Daylight and camera flashes severely wash out makeup and can leave the bride looking pale and as if she is not wearing any makeup at all. The bride deserves her money’s worth—explain to her what cameras do to makeup and apply more blush and lipstick than normal to get a gorgeously glamorous bridal shot. Her makeup will also last longer throughout the day.


3. Short hair don’t care. If the bride has short hair or an updo, be sure to take the foundation on and around her ears and neck to create a fluid seamless foundation application from her face to her neck.


4. Red all over. On a bride’s wedding day, nerves are running high, champagne and tears are flowing—and redness can often arise. If a bride tends to get a red complexion from alcohol or nerves, apply a green primer all over her face, neck and chest to counteract redness and maybe suggest she lay off the champagne until after the photos have been taken.


5. Perfectly plucked. Brides should have any pre-wedding facials or treatments three weeks out from the wedding incase of a reaction and healing time. For hair removal, brides should allow two to three days prior to the wedding, to ensure enough time for any redness to subside.  


6. Survival kit. All brides should carry (or have a friend carry) the following: Translucent Powder (for quick, no mess touch-ups), their lipstick of choice, concealer (for last minute breakouts),  mints, Band-Aids, Tide To-Go Pen, safety pins, bobby pins, a nail file and some Tums!


7. A bride always cries. For weddings, Lori always recommend focusing on the skin and creating a beautiful and sultry eye look without a lot of black liner and mascara—when tears begin to appear, the look will become a total mess. Opt for lash extensions or false lashes as opposed to layers of mascara, for bottom lashes use waterproof mascara! Be sure to choose products that claim long wearing capabilities to outlast the elements on the big day!


Enter Bodyography’s Summer Face-Off Contest and You Could WIN a Professional Makeup Kit (Valued at $879)!