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December 7, 2015

7 Expert Tips From Texture to Branding

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For many years Moroccanoil worked hard to win over consumers, but the New Year means a new focus for the company. In January 2016, Moroccanoil will be opening their New York City Academy to zero in on training and education for stylists to help with their branding and creating consumer friendly hair with a great product. BTC has 7 exclusive tips from Moroccanoil Educators Robert Ham, Peter Gray and Kevin Hughes about creating the best texture for her hair and insight on branding your business. Check out their secrets below.


Get the Perfect Texture
1. For adding great textures, take sections of the hair and twist around a metal tail comb. To set, use a flat iron and heat up the hair. Once hair is warm, take the comb out, this will leave you with amazing spiral curls and it is a big cheat for adding amazing texture when you’re dealing with super fine hair.


Robert, Peter and Kevin work in their prep room with assistants to create the perfect texture.


2. One way to expand clients’ hair is to use large metal pieces. While there are many ways to expand and create texture, large metal pieces create a big dimension and will give you a great foundation for working the hair into an updo. 


3. “Never forget the power of the crimper. For amazing volume and beautiful texture, crimping is the most incredible thing for people with fine hair,” says Kevin Hughes. To create a foundation to get volume without teasing, crimp the entire head and then go back with a 1-inch iron and take 1-inch by 1-inch sections while pinching really close to the scalp. Lay the iron in and twist it while keeping your pinch. This will create a twist in the hair as you’re going around the iron and that will create a deeper angulating wave.

4. When using a crimper to create texture you can start from the root and go around the entire heard. If you want a smoother feature or a softer look, you can leave out crimping at the hairline.


Robert works to create big texture.


Business and Branding
1. Always remember that the idea behind everything is to standout and to be something different. That is what gets people talking and what gets people mentioning your name over and over again, and that really builds your business.


2. It’s not necessarily about doing exactly as the educators do, it’s about the inspiration and the idea. Take what you see and change it into something that inspires you. Creations are meant to inspire something different, don’t go back to the salon and do a look exactly as you saw from a show, change it and make it yours.


3. Hair is a lot like fashion. The idea of trends are gone, no one wants to sit in the chair and feel like they are getting a standard look that everyone has. People want something special and something individual.

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