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October 3, 2016

6 Things To Try That Victoria’s Secret Models Adore

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If you and your client are obsessed with the long, sexy, shiny manes flaunted by Victoria’s Secret models, then you’re obsessed with Sarah Potempa. The celebrity stylist and creator of the Beachwaver® (which is now available in all SalonCentric stores!) is the go-to for all of the Angels prior to the annual TV show, and she has mastered the iconic V.S. hairstyles, right down to the cheekbone-enhancing “swoop.” As a special guest at COLOR, Cut & Style 2016 (Early bird hotel deals are AVAILABLE NOW for COLOR, Cut & Style 2017 in AUSTIN, TEXAS), Sarah was in a sharing mood—and revealed many of her Victoria’s secrets, plus much more!


1. The iconic Victoria’s Secret look is this: a conventional roller set meets second-day
hair. To create the set, use the Beachwaver to curl the hair in vertical sections. Then take two curls, wrap them together leaving the ends out and clip them to the head.


2. Then there’s the iconic V.S. “swoop” in the front. It opens up the cheekbones, framing the face “angelically.” To create the swoop, lift the face-framing sections at an angle. Wrap the hair away from the face, omitting the ends and then roll two sections together and clip the curl to the head.

Beachwave and clip the curls to achieve the Victoria’s Secret look.


3. The comb-out is critical, too. To create that iconic V.S. “mane,” first spray your brush with hairspray. As you brush through the hair, lift it to distribute the product evenly. Then tip the head forward slightly and lift the hair at the temples for the full end result.

Brush and lift to achieve bouncy, buoyant body by Victoria!


4. Beach waves aren’t the only thing the Beachwaver can do. Sarah also uses it to create glamorous red carpet styles for her celebrity clients. Working in horizontal sections, roll the hair like a Marcel wave. Slide the Beachwaver out once each curl is formed and clip the roll to the head with a metal clip. Once the hair is completely curled and cooled, remove the clips, spray a brush with hairspray and brush through. “Don’t be afraid to really brush out those curls,” Sarah advised. “You want all of the waves to blend and move together.”

Sarah uses the Beachwaver to create a classic glamour set.


5. In 2015, Sarah challenged herself to create 365 braids in 365 days, and she’s STILL coming up with braid ideas, like this five-strand Dutch braid that morphs into a pancaked five-strand braid through the lengths. “I love to mix up all types of braids on one head,” Sarah revealed, “and then gather them all up into a cohesive updo.” If you’re not super comfortable with braiding, try Sarah’s “braid mantra” trick. “Just keep repeating the rhythm to yourself in your head,” she shared. “Over, under, over, under, or whatever technique you’re doing.”

Braids, braids everywhere, like this five-strand mashup.


6. If you think braids are sweet, you haven’t seen Sarah’s Pop Star Pierced Braid. It’s badass—especially when Matty Conrad carves a wicked undercut into the nape! To create the look, Sarah formed two Dutch braids from front hairline to the nape. Then she looped metal rings, purchased at a craft store, through each loop in both braids on top of the head. The remaining lengths were “Beachwaved,” and the roots were backcombed. When you tease the hair, said Sarah, place the brush in the section and stroke downward.


Psssst! The Beachwaver® is now available at all Salon Centric shows at BTC’s Next Big Thing display!

This badass pierced braid features an undercut by Matty Conrad.

Check out all the photos from Sarah’s presentation!



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