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March 18, 2016

6 Reasons Competing Will Make You a Better Hairdresser

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There are many ways to compete. Maybe you led your high school volleyball team to victory with your unreturnable serve. Perhaps you have a room full of ribbons from the community art fair. Or maybe you are the all-time, undefeated Flip Cup champ.  But have you ever considered entering a hair competition? If not, give it some thought. (But don’t ponder for too long, because it’s ON for the 2016 Wella Global TrendVision Awards! Here are six excellent reasons why throwing down will make you the most awesome hair artist in your world.



1. Take Your Vitamins. Competing Will Push Your Skills Beyond Anything You Thought You Could Do.
Competitors don’t win with the same old, same old.  That means you will have to deliver some pretty spectacular cutting, coloring and/or styling to get those hard-nosed judges to sit up and take notice.  And THAT means you’re going to have to push yourself beyond anything you’ve done before.  It will be hard, no question.  But once you’ve mastered that flawless graduated bob or five-color melt, you will own it forever.


See What Happened at the 2015 Wella Global TrendVision Awards



2. Scattered No More.You Will Learn Discipline.
Know that nobody who competes simply shows up on the day and wings it. Competing requires months of planning and months of practice.You will also have to organize your team—model, makeup, wardrobe—and organize yourself so you have time for all of that planning and practice. And whether or not you come home with a trophy, the best prize of all just may be your newfound discipline, which will benefit you as a professional and as a person for the rest of your life.



3. Practice Your Firm Handshake.You Will Meet Important and Influential People. 
At last year’s Wella Global Trend Vision Awards, judges included Wella Global Ambassador Sonya Dove and Global Creative Directors Josh Wood and Eugene Souleiman.  Competitors also rubbed elbows with colleagues from around the world, as well as top Wella brass like
Global Leader Sylvie Moreau
and North American leader Sal Mauceri.



4. Pack Your Bags. You Will See the World.
Have you always yearned to travel? Competing is your ticket—literally—to ride. For example, this year, Wella is holding regional competitions in Boston and Philadelphia that will lead up to the North American finals in Las Vegas. And if you make it through? Hope you have a passport! Last year’s Global competition was in Berlin—this year’s event will take place on November 6, 2016 in Barcelona!



5. Say Buh-Bye to Boredom.Your Creativity Will Get a Workout. 
You love your clients, and you’re happy to apply Mrs. Smith’s 6N root retouch every four weeks, no complaint. But ruts happen, right? Competing is the best way to shake it off!  Believe us, there will not be a single drop of 6N in your kit when you’re competing in an event like the TrendVision Awards. You will be required to tap into the deepest well of your creativity and make it soar!



6. Get Ready to Get Busy. Your Clients Will Start Talking, and Their Friends Will Come.  Imagine when your 11 o’clock asks, “So what did you do this weekend?” and instead of saying, “Sons of Anarchy Netflix marathon,” you say, “Oh, I took Silver in the Wella North American TrendVision Awards in Las Vegas.” Respect. And believe us, she’ll tell everyone she knows that her hairstylist is a winner!