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November 22, 2015

6 Killer Looks from the AMAs

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Your favorite female celebrities are totally killing it this year and that was more than obvious this past weekend at the American Music Awards. It wasn’t just their attire and their makeup that wow’d the crowd on the red carpet—their hair game was strong, too! From Gigi Hadid and Demi Lovato, to Kendall Jenner and Carrie Underwood, BTC got the scoop just for you.


Demi Lovato’s Finger Waves
Recreation provided by Kenra Professional’s David Lopez


Demi’s voice was amazing, her makeup and dress were totally spot on and THAT. HAIR. Her vintage finger waves had everyone talking at this year’s AMAs—here’s how to get them in the salon!


1. Prep by applying a styling mousse or texture spray liberally to damp hair. Rough-dry the hair, lifting at the roots until it’s 80 to 90 percent dry. Finish drying with couple passes of a boar bristle round brush in the crown area to lift and smooth strands.


2. Using the arch of the client’s brow as a guide, create a clean side part with a tail comb. Take this time to smooth the hair completely—it will make the next steps easier.


3. Divide the back of the head in half as if making pigtails and push the hair forward. Subdivide each side horizontally from temple to temple, clipping the top sections up and away.


4. For extra shine and hold, spray each section with a heat setting spray like Kenra Platinum Hot Spray. Starting at the temple, wrap 1-inch sections around a curling iron.


5. Continue working around the head. Remember that each curl has to set so avoid fussing, tugging or pulling a section after it is released from the curling rod. Curl everything in the same direction.


6. Spray the bristles of a Mason Pearson brush liberally with a strong hold spray like Kenra Volume Spray 25. Starting at the crown, brush out the curls, allowing them to form s-waves. Continue spraying and brushing until the finish is perfectly smooth–long smooth brush strokes are critical!


7. Tuck one side of the hair behind the ear, use long pins to secure the ends, and tuck them into the base below the occipital bone, creating the faux bob. Criss-cross the bobby pins for extra security.  


8. Mist a large blush brush with hair spray and glide along the crown, nape and hairline to smooth flyaways.


9. Finish with a strong hold hairspray and a spritz of shine spray.  


Julianne Hough’s Chic Zigzag Part
Styled by Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood


Yep. This happened. Julianne Hough went all #ThrowbackThursday on us at the AMAs this year when she walked the red carpet rocking a zigzag part like it was 1999. BTC loved her look so much we got the step-by-step just for you! Get the HOW-TO here!


Selena Gomez’s Super Straight Style


Slay Selena, Slay! We loved her performance onstage and her super straight locks topped the night, too!


Gigi Hadid’s Faux Bob
Styled by Bryce Scarlett from Matrix


Did you hear? Gigi chopped her hair! JUST KIDDING. But that is exactly what she wanted you to think when she showed up on the AMAs’ red carpet with her trendy faux bob, half hair-piece, half real hair. Here’s how you can get the most talked about look of the night!


1. Apply MATRIX StyleLink Volume Builder Mousse to towel-dried hair at the roots and a dime-sized amount of the MATRIX StyleLink Gloss Booster to ends and comb through.


2. With a medium barreled round brush, blow out hair away from the face.


3. For instant volume and separation, use MATRIX Style Link Height Riser at the roots, and brush back with a boar bristle brush to keep hair in place.


4. Reapply the MATRIX StyleLink Gloss Booster for added shine and smooth over strands with a flat iron to make the hair more piecey.


5. To finish the look, used the MATRIX StyleLink Texture Builder to give the sleek bob a hint of texture.


Kendall Jenner’s Top Knot and Bangs 


Kendall Jenner did the bang thing and we’re LOVING it. Her look was fierce, on-trend and totally wearable.


Carrie Underwood’s Soft Curls


Has Carrie Underwood ever had a bad hair day? We highly doubt it…this queen of country always has it going on!