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September 1, 2017

6 Color and Styling Tips from the b3 Brazilian Bond Builder Collective

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If one theme prevailed throughout #thebtcshow 2017, it was collaboration. Artists supported each other onstage and off. They shared ideas freely and openly. They showed up whenever and wherever their colleagues needed them. Team b3 epitomized that spirit of collaboration by bringing together four of today’s most in-demand social media stars on their stage. Global Director of Education Alfredo Lewis led Rebecca Taylor (@rebeccataylorhair), Rickey Zito (@hairgod_zito), Linh Phan (@bescene) and Mustafa Avci (@mustafaavci) in a #nofilter session; and each artist shared the tips and techniques that helped launch them into the Instagram stratosphere. Here’s a peek at what they revealed!


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1. Don’t Be Shy
“Never be afraid to take chances. How else will you come up with the ideas you need to be unique in a world where hair artists are doing such amazing work?”—Rebecca Taylor


2. The Secret to Mustafa’s Long-Lasting Waves
“I always apply mousse or volumizing spray to damp hair. I need the hair to be very flexible when it’s dry. Then I use hairspray on dry hair for a double amount of hold.  That’s why my styles last so long.”—Mustafa Avci


3. The Banana Principle
Prelightening is critical when doing unconventional color, and Rickey Zito always follows the banana principle. “Lift the hair to the color of the inside of a banana for any pastel,” he says. “Lift it to the color of the outside of a banana for any true tone. Anything darker than the outside of a banana? Blues and purples only.”


4. Asian Hair Rules
“I work on a lot of dark Asian hair, and I have to keep it healthy. So I work on damp hair because it allows me to work faster and blend better. Also, just neutralizing may not be enough when working on warm Asian undertones—you may have to overcompensate and add more green or violet, for example. Finally, I don’t pre-tone Asian hair because it makes the base too dark.”—Linh Phan


5. Rebecca’s Removal Strategy
“This is my process for removing direct dyes,” says Rebecca. “First, rinse with cool water only after the color is done processing. Do not shampoo. Condition the hair. Then blow-dry immediately. This procedure prevents the colors from bleeding, and it helps the color last longer.”



6. The Gray That Slays on Asian Hair
Here is Linh Phan’s go-to formula for creating a great gray tone on his Asian clients: Schwarzkopf  Professional IGORA ROYAL 6-12 + 6-32. “There’s enough green in the base,” he explains, “to cancel out the orange and red that are always present.”


Talk about #SquadGoals!

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