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January 10, 2017

5 Trends For Your Fair-Haired Girls

Does your client want to go blonder? We're here to help. We've rounded up the how-tos of five on-trend looks for all of your fair-haired girls!

5 Trends For Your
Fair-Haired Girls

Pretty cool. That, for the most part, sums up these popular blonde trends—literally and in terms of the overall vibe. Root shadows keep it real, while pearly, icy and sandy tones through mids and ends produce clear, clean finishes that most clients find irresistible. Even warmer blondes are skewing to neutral, rendering them flattering and modern at the same time. We’ve rounded up the how-tos of five on-trend looks for all of your fair-haired girls! Check it out!

1. Malibu Tides

Foiling meets hair-painting in this cool, beachy hue by Kenra Professional
Regional Education Manager Mirella Manelli, and the shadow root adds diffused dimension. “This is the perfect combination of a soft and diffused balayage blonde with an element of bold contrast achieved with foil placement,” says Mirella.

On this natural Level 8, Mirella applied Kenra Color Permanent 7B + 10-volume developer to the new growth, diffusing it out from the scalp. Simply Blonde Blue Lightener + 30-volume developer was used in balayage and foiled sections and the entire head was toned with Simply Blonde Sheer Tone Ice + 20-volume developer.



2. Cool Shading

“Clients today want cool blondes,” says Agnes Westerman, Goldwell Global Master, Netherlands. “We can take our blondes to a new level—creating perfect, clear blonde results—with new shades in our Topchic HiBlondes Control, Topchic Neutralights and SilkLift Control Collections. These shades, applied with a soft and progressively lighter transition of depth and tone from regrowth to ends, create these in-demand looks.”

On this natural Level 6NA with faded ends, Agnes used a natural shading technique, applying a medium cool blonde to the regrowth, then gradually shading it out into silvery ash, then lightest beige along the ends, working in back-to-back slices.  

Goldwell Color Formulas
Formula A (regrowth):
30ml 8CA +10ml P-mix + 40ml 20-volume (6%) Topchic Lotion

Formula B (select midlengths): 30ml 8CA + 10ml P-mix + 40ml 30-volume (9%) Topchic Lotion
Formula C (select midlengths): 20ml 11SN + 40ml 40-volume (12%) Topchic Lotion
Formula D (select ends): 1 scoop High Performance Lightener Control Beige + 35ml 30-volume (9%) SilkLift Control Conditioning Cream Developer + 3 pumps Essential Tone Stabilizer

Formula E (toner): 30ml Elumen [email protected] +10ml [email protected]

3. Soft Butter Highlights


“Today’s blondes are requesting super natural-looking results. We achieve these looks by leaving some depth at the roots and creating very fine highlights that blend in beautifully with their natural color,” declares Joico Celebrity Stylist Denis De Souza.

To lighten and brighten this “summer bronde,” Denis worked with fine weaves, applying light neutral blonde below the occipital; alternating light neutral blonde and ultra-light beige blonde throughout the top and face-framing sections; and adding select bleach highlights throughout for extra “pop.”

Joico Color Formulas
Formula A:
LumiShine Permanent Crème Color 8N + 10-volume LumiShine Crème Developer

Formula B: LumiShine Permanent Crème Color XLB + 40-volume LumiShine Crème Developer

Formula C: Vero K-PAK Crème Lightener + 20-volume Veroxide

Formula D (gloss): ¼ LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid Color 10NWB + ¾ LumiShine Demi-Liquid Clear + 5-volume LumiShine Crème Developer

4. Whisper Shading

“My favorite blonde technique for summer—soft shading—is a combination of seamless weaving and smudging, plus a block color technique,” says TIGI U.S. Technical Creative Director Richy Kandasamy. “A seamless weave is done on the natural parting with smudging on the temporal area for movement. The block color technique on the remainder of the head produces softness in the crown area and throughout the length in back.”

TIGI Color Formulas
Formula A (antique wood/new growth and below the occipital):
48g copyright©olour Gloss 8/3 + 2g 7/4 + 75g 5-volume (1.5%) copyright©olour Activator

Formula B (clear/between foils): 40g copyright©olour Gloss clear 00/ + 60g 5-volume (1.5%) copyright©olour Activator

Formula C (pre-lighten/weave sections): 60g copyright©olour True Light White + 90g 8.5-volume (2.55%) copyright©olour Activator

Formula D (linen blonde/toner): 40g copyright©olour Gloss 9/12 + 20g copyright©olour Gloss clear 00/ + 90g 5-volume (1.5%) copyright©olour Activator  



5. Rosy Melt

“This is the season of the molten blonde,” says Wella Professionals Top Artist and Educator Alexandra Matiz. “The inspiration comes from all types of melting metal. The look is achieved with a blended, hand-painted technique.” Here, a soft blonde “melts” into lighter ends and is interwoven with subtle accents of rosy gold.

Wella Professionals Color Formulas
Formula A (base break and toner):
Equal parts ILLUMINA 10/1 + 10/93 + Pastel Developer

Formula B (balayage): BLONDOR Freelights White Lightening Powder + 30-volume developer

Formula C (color melt): Equal parts MAGMA by BLONDOR Limoncello + /73 + 30-volume developer

Formula D (color melt): .80 oz. MAGMA by BLONDOR /39 + .20 oz. /73 + dusting of /65 + 40-volume developer