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September 1, 2017

5 Tips For Winning The Instagram Game

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Getting the perfect shot for Instagram isn’t easy—and it when it comes to winning a coveted #ONESHOT Hair Awards trophy, the pressure is even higher. At THE BTC SHOW, attendees learned what it takes to win from Mary, Kevin, and past #ONESHOT winners @prettylittleombre, @alix_maya, @shmeggsandbaconn, @hairgod_zito and @kevinluchmun.


Want to improve your photo-taking skills? Join us for a livestream with @shmeggsandbaconn and Mary on May 7 at 4PM PST and learn the best way to photograph hair for Instagram!



Ask Yourself: What’s Your Purpose Online?

  • Are you posting to educate others? If so, the education has to be there. Create videos that explain what you’re doing, share tips to master techniques, share color formulas, do something that sets you apart from everyone else.
  • Are you posting to attract new clients? If so, use a transformation shot! Before-and-after photos are so monumental when trying to build your clientele, says Kevin. Another way to attract clients? Mary suggests focusing on the season. If it’s summer, offer beach styles. If it’s winter, show your upstyles. Then use hashtags clients are already searching for.
  • Are you posting to get admiration from other stylists? If so, consider the human factor—ask yourself, ‘What is the average stylist doing right now?’ if it’s the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday, it’s probably not an ideal time to post. “Posting times are different everywhere,” says Rickey. “When I lived in Louisiana, posting earlier was better. Now that I am out in L.A. posting later in the day gives me better engagement.”


Rickey has won multiple #ONESHOT awards—and it has changed his life. Once a stylist in a small town of Louisiana, he now works in a studio in West Hollywood.


Share Your Secrets
A lot of stylists question if they should share their color, cutting or styling secrets with the world, and according to this group of experts, the answer is yes!


  • “I love sharing my formulas,” says @prettylittleombre, “Some people don’t agree, and that’s their thing, but for me, it’s a yes. Your work is your own work. Just because you share what you know doesn’t take that away.”  
  • “The future is in the hands of our apprentices,” says @kevinluchmun. “We have to share as much as possible because those people who want to learn will pick up what we’re saying and then they’ll be the ones to advance the industry down the road.”


Kevin and Jamie both agree that sharing your knowledge is the best way to engage with your social following.


Deal With The Haters
Ugh, haters are always going to hate…so what do we do? At BTC we simply ignore and delete. Why? We don’t believe our space needs negativity. Alix feels similar, “It’s really hard because when you post something innovative and something that is truly art…I’m all for defending it. But it takes time, patience and understanding to get to a point where you can look past it. Now I try to ignore it. It’s not worth the time.”


Don’t Enhance Too Much
There are a lot of apps out there that can help edit photos, and if you’re someone who uses them, you could be walking a fine line with trouble. Kevin asks this: “Do you really want to be known for photos that aren’t really what you created?” Because, if you use these apps to enhance your work, sooner or later people will catch on, and if you’re submitting one of these shots for #ONESHOT, there’s no chance. “Use technology for what it’s good for, but don’t let your work become not your work. Don’t enhance the color, don’t change the hair.”


What’s one of the biggest things when it comes to social media? Getting the best pics and ALWAYS getting a before shot. You can create the most beautiful color or style, but without a before shot, it loses some of its credibility.


Schedule Time For Social Media
There is no excuse for not taking photos of your work. @shmeggsandbaconn admits that she works rather slowly, so when she runs out of time to take pics for Instagram (which she says happens often), she asks some of her clients to come back on her off days. Then she spends that time creating the perfect style and taking the best photo.


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