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September 28, 2016

5 Tips To Help Her Prolong Her Color

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Your clients are always asking how to make their color last longer. Besides recommending the best products to her, here’s some professional advice you can offer that will help prolong her color. We got these tips from Tracey Hughes, four-time Australian Educator of the Year, four-time Australian Excellence in Education recipient and 10-time (!!!) Australian Salon of the Year, so yeah, we trust her. Read on for her tips using Unwash!


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1. Help your clients stay realistic about their chosen target color. If the hair is lightened too far and a deep color is deposited, this can accelerate the chance of color fading quickly.


2. Explain to your clients that as hair ages, we see a decline in melanin and sebum, and hair starts to look lackluster, especially as the level of gray increases. Staying close to her natural color can help enhance color’s durability.


3. Lock in her color with a specialized in-salon post-color ritual. Use a specific treatment that has anti-oxidative ingredients to help prolong the life of all color services.


4. Suggest that your client rethink the cycle of traditional shampoo. She could try a cleansing conditioner like Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner, a co-wash product that won’t strip her natural oils. This helps seal in moisture that will support the life of color.


5. Add extra hydration to her hair and reset the moisture balance with Unwash Hydrating Masque. It replenishes the hair’s vitality from the inside out, giving her softer, healthier hair with added nourishment that prolongs her color.


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