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June 8, 2016

5 Tips To Find The Right Chair For You

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Your chair—it’s more than just a piece of furniture. The majority of your clients’ salon experiences happen here. Of course you want it to be the best! But sometimes, shopping for a new chair can be intimidating. We talked with Colleen Browdy, Designer at Takara Belmont USA, to get her advice when approached with hundreds of chair options, thousands of color choices and too many combinations to count.


1. Define a concept!
By defining a concept, it is easier to choose furniture that complements your décor. For example, if industrial looks are appealing, seek chairs with metal frames. “Metallic features in salon designs add a textural element to a space and provide another surface for reflective light, which creates a well-lit and more open atmosphere without taking away from the loft-inspired warehouse feel,” Colleen shares.  


2. The client has to be comfortable! 
That chair may be pretty, but is your client going to be comfortable sitting for two hours? Seating is never an area to compromise! “Look for seating solutions with ergonomic features such as elastic webbing for unmatched comfort and custom relief for each individual client,” Colleen says.



3. Keep it easy to clean!
Lighter upholstery colors strike a stunning contrast against darker elements, but remember that not only dark jeans stain your pretty white chair—other occupational factors such as color, tint or chemical application can ruin furniture, too. Colleen says to look for an alternative solution: “The
Ghia chair has a removable seat back and bottom cushion for easy replacement, cleaning or to refresh your salon décor with a new color scheme!” That sounds super easy!


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4. Look for timeless detailing!
Style is absolutely important, but so is stretching your dollars! Pick a chair that’ll remain trendy throughout the years and focus on details, like parallel pinpoint stitching, that bring the whole look together.


5. Ask a pro!
“Not only does a professional designer help you get a concept on your space, he or she can offer advice on traffic flow and design trends when making equipment selections,” Collen suggests. The best part about working with a pro? Seeing your salon décor concept come to life!