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October 19, 2016

5 Tips For Quick-Change Success

Although there is a time and place for that one perfectly executed look, when doing fashion hair for photo shoots and runway shows, the models usually need to transition through three or four looks in half a day. How can you change the hair fast, with purpose and without compromising quality? Sarah Adams, an international All-Star with American Crew, provides five tips that have helped her achieve success in quick-change artistry.



1. Communicate the progression. Be reasonable and be flexible. Ask to pow wow with the key people on set and work together to plan the flow of the looks. Plan the styles from dry to wet, for example. Work quickly and with purpose—nobody likes to stand around and wait. Make sure to check with the people in your production team before the shoot to determine what is acceptable for behind-the-scenes shots and posting on social media. Sometimes it’s a no-no!



2. Create the right product foundation. Hair that is properly prepped will be able to withstand the constant muss and fuss on set. There is wind, wardrobe and a whole lot touching of the hair that is going to happen. If you go the extra mile to properly prep, it will always pay off.



3. Wear a fanny pack! Good luck for you, they are currently on trend. When you’re trying to be fast, it really helps to have it all on your person. Combs, brushes, spray, hairpins.



4. Bring a collapsable stool. When the model is in their garment they won’t be able to sit in your chair. A small, lightweight plastic stool that folds flat is so easy to kick around on set or backstage and is lightweight for travel.



5. Quick release fasteners. Have a couple of extra long bobby pins, magic clips and bar clip barrettes on hand. They are strong and can be used to secure some fast, easy looks. Sarah said some of the best looks she ever made were fast, simple and not overthought.


Wanna try something fun? A little 15-to-20 minute speed test on a mannequin may be the best tool to get you started! Make it a game with your bestie or your whole salon. Partner up, set the timer and have your partner take a photo of each look that you complete in the time frame. Then switch. Salon owners, put a prize on it for most creative quick style or most completed looks.