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January 10, 2017

5 Surprising Secrets to Success That Are Totally Doable

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Winn took the stage at BTC’s COLOR, Cut & Style show in 2015 to talk inspiration and motivation to more than 3,000 guests!


Everyone loves a good motivational speech, and everyone really loves a good motivational speech when it comes straight from Paul Mitchell Co-Founder Winn Claybaugh. Here are his five quickest tips to becoming more successful in—and outside of—the salon.


1. Have a Backbone, Not a Wishbone
Don’t wish for things to happen—make them happen. Educate yourself and never have a know-it-all attitude. Make a commitment to yourself that you’ll continue to learn. A lifelong learning commitment can make you a visionary and help you discover what you truly want. It gives you a backbone to be brave enough to turn your dreams into reality.


2. It’s All About YOU
According to Winn, to become more successful behind the chair you need to work on yourself outside of the salon, too. Join a gym, quit smoking, sign up for a cancer walk, fix your relationship with your mom or your dad. Without fixing yourself personally, you lose creditability and the momentum that you need to push forward.


3. Work Really REALLY Hard
Be the first to arrive and the last to leave. Say yes to everything. Don’t wait for someone to pay you or give you the chance to do what you already love to do. If you want to work on photo shoots, start taking pictures of your work. Create your own photo shoot. Don’t wait. Give yourself the gig and work hard while you do it.


4. Be the Most Positive Person
Can you become a master hairdresser overnight? Probably not, something like that can take years. Can you become a visionary overnight? Maybe. Can you become the most positive person in your class or at your salon today? YES. Winn dares you to be the most positive person at the salon, in your classes, at home or with your friends. Do this, and watch how your life transforms.


5. Show Gratitude
Be grateful every day and watch the law of attraction work its magic. Entitled people never get far, and when you show gratitude in this industry, people really notice. Take a moment and reflect on your job, be thankful to your teachers, your mentors, your family—be grateful for a job that you can be passionate about. Not everyone in this world is lucky enough to experience that.   

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