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January 25, 2017

5 Step-By-Steps You Can Definitely Use in the Salon

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We know there are a lot of styles you need to master in the salon, but the basics are never going away. So whether your client needs a blowout, a fringe refresh or something subtle and pulled-back, we have five styling step-by-steps that you can definitely use behind the chair. Check ’em out.


How-To: Balanced Blowout

How-To: Long-Haired Pomp

How-To: Cool-Girl Curls


If you love these looks, we understand why. They’re realistic and totally doable to recreate in the salon. But, we all know that the perfect style never just ~happens~ and in order to make your client’s look really come together, you need to use some trustworthy product.


The one thing all of these step-by-steps have in common? They all feature Living Proof‘s Restore Perfecting Spray. It’s a new product that’s kind of like a health shot for the hair—making damaged locks stronger, softer and smoother all at once, plus it’s super conditioning and helps detangle knots. It’s a great product to use in the salon or as a retail opportunity, and according to Living Proof, once your client uses it, they’ll be hooked! (Now keep reading and get the rest of the looks below!)


How-To: Flawless Fringe

How-To: The Perfect Push-Up