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April 6, 2017

5 Reasons You Can’t Miss COLOR, Cut & Style

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BTC just had our first show in Los Angeles (BTC “On Tour”) and it was LIT. If you missed the jam-packed day of education by five killer social media hairdressers, don’t worry—you can catch @hairandmakeupbysteph@mustafaavci, @markbustos, @mattyconrad and @sarahpotempa at COLOR, Cut & Style, Aug. 20-22 in Austin, Texas. Get tickets NOW!



1. Because @hairandmakeupbysteph
Has 5 Million Pinterest Followers
So You Should Probably Hear What She Has To Say

She’s just a small-town girl living in a perfectly imperfect upstyle kind of world. But really, after beginning her career as a stylist in Utah, Stephanie Brinkerhoff has become a household name. As BTC’s bridal styling expert, she’s been on our stages for years and has had a loyal following even before the days of Instagram. We’re talking about 5 million pinterest followers!


3 Ideas For Your Spring Brides

A few more looks from @hairandmakeupbysteph



2. Because Seeing The King Of Hollywood Waves
In La La Land Just Makes Sense


No one creates a wave like 2016 #ONESHOT Curls Shot Winner Mustafa Avci creates a wave, and if you’re in LA, you might as well know how to create—and perfect—a classic Hollywood look. Which is exactly what this Insta-famous stylist (he has more than 400,000 followers!) and b3 Ambassador is gonna do. We. Can’t. Wait.


4 Steps To Hollywood Waves


A few more looks from @mustafaavci



3. Because Your Mom Wants You To See
@markbustos Onstage

Honestly, Mark Bustos is one of a kind—he’s the founder of the #BeAwesomeToSomebody movement and spends a majority of his time giving haircuts to the homeless. And, because he’s crazy good at cutting hair on both men and women, he’s racked up more than 280,000 followers on Instagram! After seeing him onstage you’ll leave inspired to be a better person and a better barber.


Cutting Techniques From Mark Bustos
(a special Facebook Live demo!)


A few more looks from @markbustos



4. Because @mattyconrad, aka
The World’s Most Interesting Barber, Will Be There


As the original BTC bro, there is a lot to love about 2015 #ONESHOT Men’s Shot of the Year Winner Matty Conrad. He’s a bad-ass barber dude who’s all about his dog and a solid glass of whiskey. On top of learning his best barbering techniques, you’ll get his expert opinion on branding yourself on social media, too!


Barber Like A Boss With These 8 Tips From Mark & Matty


A few more looks from @mattyconrad



5. Because @sarahpotempa Will Be
Spilling All Of Victoria’s Secrets


She goes on vacay with Lea Michele, she’s the go-to stylist for every Victoria’s Secret model and she invented the Beachwaver®! So yeah, we’d let her wave and braid our hair any time, and if we had the chance to see her onstage, we’d def be there. Oh wait, we do have the chance, and we will be there. Will you?


6 Things To Try That Victoria’s Secret Models Adore


A few more looks from @sarahpotempa


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