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April 12, 2016

5 Reasons to Get SHELLAC®

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Your client wants a manicure but is skeptical for a lot of reasons. She’s not interested in sitting around waiting for polish to dry, and hates when her nails chip just days after getting them done. Yes, she’s heard of gel nails, but she’s not thrilled with the damage that comes with them or any process that means the nail technician has to use that electric nail file. And the removal process, when she has to soak her hands in acetone? Nope.


Well, as her trusted stylist, here’s what you can recommend: CND SHELLAC® Brand 14+ Day Nail Color. It’s the original long-wear nail polish system, and has eight patents, so you KNOW they know exactly how to deliver the best. We broke down the top five protests your clients may have about getting her nails done and show how CND SHELLAC® totally busts any myths out there. No excuses—check them out!



1. She always smudges her manis, even after sitting under the dryer for 20 minutes.
She has nothing to worry about with SHELLAC®. It has ZERO dry time—it’s true! The polish cures under the CND® LED Lamp and is immediately dry. She’ll be out the door—smudge-free—in no time!


2. Her nails chip so fast, especially when she’s rummaging through her purse.
SHELLAC® means at least 14 days of high-performance wear, so purse-rummaging dings won’t happen. It can even last longer than 14 days, but CND recommends adhering to a 14-day reapplication schedule to keep nails healthiest.



3. Her manicure always looks rough and dull, so it’s not worth getting one.
SHELLAC® offers stunning crystal shine for the ENTIRE time—the proof is in the pictures! And if she uses CND SolarOil daily, her nails will not only stay perfectly shiny, but her cuticles will be healthy—a retail opportunity for you!


4. She’s heard of gel nails, but is horrified by the intense, long removal process.
No long removal process here! Using the proper technique, SHELLAC® can be removed in five minutes, meaning you can get her in and out of your chair a lot faster.


5. Her friend got a gel color that looked great, but totally ruined her nails.
Nail damage can be totally avoided by following the proper SHELLAC® removal process, which does NOT include soaking in a bowl of acetone or using an electric sander to remove polish. Her nails will absolutely still be healthy after removal and ready for another application immediately!



Convinced yet?
Impress your clients with this hot summer nail look using CND SHELLAC®!