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July 19, 2016

5 Quick Styling Secrets To Remember Behind The Chair

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We all know your blow-dry is super important—after all, it’s what sets your client up for having fabulous-looking locks! Well, not only does Global Artistic Director Patrick Kalle from Farouk Systems know a thing or two about the perfect upstyle, but he knows that it all starts with the ultimate blow-dry. Check out some savvy styling and quick blow-drying tips from the internationally known hairdresser and salon owner.


1. Roll Your Backcomb
How does this expert backcomb? By rolling the comb into the hair and pushing down, then rolling it back out. 


2. Don’t Go For Barbie Curls
The key to the right kind of curls is to do a Figure 6 curl, but don’t bevel the ends, just gently pull them through as you roll the iron.


3. Sleek Isn’t The Standard
Patrick says you can backcomb and ruche a fancy fishtail braid to create an on-trend, textured updo—your looks don’t always have to be super sleek.



4. Get It Smooth and Shiny
When working on your blowout it’s important to use a dryer that gives you everything you need—which is why Patrick swears by the CHI Onyx Euro Shine Hair Dryer. “It gives me the creative freedom I crave as a designer.
It’s compact, lightweight and concentrates the airflow to where I need because of the narrow nozzle. And the two ion generators help me to smooth the hair better and add in intense shine and moisture.” WIN!


5. Travel Matters…Power Does Too
As a stylist, traveling is just sometimes part of the job. But that doesn’t mean your tools can’t be up to par. Patrick says you want something light but powerful—and the Euro Shine is both. “Power is necessary for a hairdresser, especially when you can save some time by blow-drying faster,” says Patrick.


The Onyx Euro Shine Hair Dryer from CHI is ergonomically designed to feel comfortable in your hand and it reaches a temp of 450°F! “This helps transform even the most coarse hair into smooth, moisturized, beautiful hair,” says Patrick.


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