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October 9, 2014

5 Powerhouse Tips to Capture Seasonal Business

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“As the season changes from summer to fall, it’s usually time when guests want to make a change. This creates a great opportunity for you to make suggestions to your clients about the latest trends and suggest new services,” shares Eric Fisher, Founder of Eric Fisher Salons, Eric Fisher Academy and Prosper U. “The Lob, the Pixie, and Bob are all hot right now,” he continues. At the Eric Fisher Salons, our guests love to try looks with richer shades of browns, bold reds, and warmer Balayage services for fall. This is a great time of year to take longer hair shorter and lighter hair darker or red.


When your clients come to you for a change, it’s important for you to be a teaching artist. You are viewed as the expert, so you must be the expert. It’s vitally important for your business that you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques. Take advanced education classes, follow celebrity trends and read the latest magazines.  Know what’s happening!  So when a client sits down in your chair and says she wants a new look – you have the knowledge and skills to give her the look she desires.


When you’re in the know on seasonal trends and techniques, blow up your social media, website and newsletters with the news! Eric shares 5 very powerful tips on how to promote your services to increase business.


1. Showcase your work on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  Show before and after pictures. At the Eric Fisher Salons, we have Instagram Ambassadors in each of our salons. Stylists can send their before and after pictures to the ambassador to be posted on Instagram. Our Marketing Team then posts the pictures on our other social media sites. By promoting the stylists’ work, it helps educate our followers about the latest trends and fill the stylist’s books.



2. Use the changing season to promote services such as a deep conditioning treatment or a smoothing treatment. At EFS, we offer a discount on a conditioning treatment with the purchase of a haircut and run a promotion on our smoothing treatment to help drive business. We promote the offers on our website, in our monthly newsletter, and on our social media sites.


3. Utilize your monthly newsletter and website to show off the latest trends in cuts and color while promoting products you have in the salon to achieve the look. You can run promotions such as discounts, gift with purchase or free gift with service.



4. Promote the latest trends by creating a board on your Pinterest page. You can promote this board on your other social media sites and your website. On the EFS website, we create a slider image on the homepage that links to the board.



5. Make sure clients have your business cards. Fall is a great time of year for your client’s to embrace change. Utilize it. Make suggestions. A gorgeous cut and color can be great advertising for you. Give people something to talk about. Word of mouth advertising is the best kind of advertising. You never know when you will tap into a network of $10,000 or more in new business because your client is receiving rave reviews of your work. When people ask, “who did your hair,” make it easy for them by making sure they have your cards and even offer a gift or incentive for referrals.


For more business building tips on retailing, front desk management, team building, motivating staff, how to manage complaints, and create a culture of quality and excellence, you’ll find these Eric Fisher books in the BTC Bookstore today!

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