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June 16, 2014

5 Finishing and Detailing Techniques You Need to Know

Your clients crave that fresh-out-of-the-salon look—the one that makes them not want to wash their hair for days. But nailing this flawless final product takes a special set of skills—from personalizing your cuts to creating the perfect texture and volume. Goldwell® Hair Care Artistic Director Dimitrios Tsioumas, a detailing master, shares his ideas on how to leave your clients feeling like a million bucks every time they leave your chair.  


1. Set them Apart
When cutting curly or wavy textures, think separation. For curls and waves to look their best, you must create disconnection within the haircut. This will produce maximum movement and showcase these textures at their best.


2. Favorite Channel
For enhancing any length, channel cutting is the most flexible and controlled technique. It personalizes and customizes all of your haircuts.



3. Layer Cake
Create strong perimeter lines with playful interiors. Take horizontal sections, lift the hair to 180 degrees and point cut layers square to the floor. This will maintain strength in your perimeter and produce seamless interior movement.


4. Skinny Strands
Razor cutting fine, lifeless hair creates great texture and maximum volume.


5. Distress Call
“One of my all-time favorite texture techniques is something I call ‘Distressed Curls,’” says Dimitrios. “It emulates naturally curly hair—which is never perfect or consistent.” To create the look, start with a great blow out using a round brush to create as much volume as possible. Press a micro crimper at the roots (1 inch out from the scalp) and then brush out the root area. Using a wrap curling technique, alternate using 1/3-inch and 1/2-inch curling irons and pin set the curls. Pull out the curls with a wide tooth comb to create amazing, soft texture.

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