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September 1, 2017

5 Editorial Looks From TRUMATCH by Daniel Alain

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Extensions aren’t just for celebrities anymore. The service that was once the secret of actresses, musicians and models is now available to salon clients and their stylists, who use extensions to add length, volume and color, for weddings, special occasions and everyday life. And according to Beverly Hills celebrity colorist Kim Vō, there’s a new extension game in town that has upgraded the whole category.


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TRUMATCH Global Creative Director Kim Vō


“In the past, extensions were dyed with textile dye, and I wouldn’t go near them with hair color,” Kim explained. “Then I discovered TRUMATCH by Daniel Alain. These extensions are dyed with real dye. Not only that, they’re available in a variety of textures—from straight to wavy to curly—and a range of denier or density of the hair strand, from very fine to fine, medium or coarse.” And, Kim revealed, TRUMATCH extensions creator Daniel Alain hails from the famous Rene of Paris wig-making family, so he knows a thing or two about wigs, extensions and hair pieces!


TRUMATCH Creator Daniel Alain


TRUMATCH already has a legion of fans in the bridal, social media and editorial worlds, and in addition to Kim, six of them—TRUMATCH Creative Show Director Richard Mannah, Artistic Director Mischa G. and ambassadors Stephanie Brinkerhoff, Rebecca Taylor, Sarah Laidlaw and Marco Girotti—were on hand at CCS to demonstrate what these extensions can do! Here’s a little taste of TRUMATCH.



1. Fringe Benefits

The artist: Mischa G (@mischag), editorial, NYFW and Bumbleandbumble artist (she’s Laurent Phillippon’s right hand woman!) 

The inside scoop: “This model has 100 extensions sandwiches in her hair, and a faux bang,” said Mischa. “But the hair appears sleek and flawless. The tapes are undetectable.”




2. Blondest Blonde

The artist: Rebecca Taylor (@rebeccataylorhair)

The inside scoop: “Clients often want fashion color without the commitment,” says Rebecca. “With TRUMATCH extensions there is no intense coating on the hair so I can pre-lighten them to blondest blonde without hollowness issues and without pre-toning. And once the fashion color is on, I can curl, flat iron, shampoo and blow-dry and the color doesn’t fade.”



3. Massive Braided Bun

The artist: Stephanie Brinkerhoff (@hairandmakeupbysteph)

The inside scoop: “This model had shoulder-length hair and we added 22-inch wefts,” Steph revealed. “Often the result looks like stripper hair, but with these you can’t tell where the extensions start, and I can get the sides really sleek.” To get this look, Steph inserted padding at the base of a high ponytail and spread the hair around the pad. She created a giant braid and formed it into a bun. “My tip is to cover the pad at the very beginning,” said Steph, “to ensure you don’t run out of hair at the end.”



4. High Fashion Hair, With the Emphasis on High!

The artist: Sarah Laidlaw (@sarahlaidlaw), Australian Session Stylist of the Year

The inside scoop: “I do strictly session work,” Sarah explained, “so I go to work every day and have to create hair that makes a good picture. It’s hell to take a girl who comes in with overworked hair and try to match it to the slick doll hair of many types of extensions. TRUMATCH is different—I can match them to the existing thickness and texture.” Sarah’s editorial tip? “There must always something missing or a bit ugly or unexpectedly weird to make hair really cool. That’s the difference between perfectly polished bridal hair and fashion hair.”



5. Bubbles and Peek-A-Boo Braid

The artist: Marco Girotti (@marcogirotti), former Toni&Guy London Artistic Director and international educator and fashion and session artist

The inside scoop: “I used four packs of extensions, 20 sandwiches for this look,” Marco said, “and I placed them in a pinwheel pattern, based on the direction I wanted the style to go.” Marco started with the slender hairline braid, draping it over one eye. Then, inspired by a recent Dior collection, he formed two pigtails, backcombed each one and placed elastics along the lengths to form the whimsical, bubbled shapes.


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