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August 8, 2016

5 Design and Shopping Tips When Selecting Your Salon Seating

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Don’t just have a mediocre salon space…truly own it and design it YOUR way. Make your salon atmosphere something you love and give it a vibe your clients can be completely comfortable in. With these design and shopping tips from Takara Belmont, creating a trendy and luxurious salon has never been easier.


1. Anchor your space with equipment that transcends the trends.
A styling chair with clean lines, bright white or neutral grey upholstery and a geometric shape can enhance a range of styles from shabby chic and Hollywood glam to contemporary and mid-century modern spaces. For example, a shimmery white
Virtus styling chair can create a contrasting focal point in an industrial space with rich, dark flooring, high ceilings, exposed ductwork and dangling metal light fixtures.


2. Don’t be afraid to break the rules.
Taking the plunge on strong hues can be intimidating, but thinking outside of the box can be worth it. While darker hues tend to promote a more masculine men’s grooming environment, a bright or two-toned color combination inspires confidence. Black and brown two-tone color combinations are a subtle way to accentuate the dark wood floors and leather strops, while bright and vibrant pops of color can invigorate a space.



3. Make a must have list.
Above all, it’s critical to select equipment that works for both your space and your services. For one chair salons or smaller rental spaces, opt for models with all-purpose variations to accommodate a larger range of services. For spaces with designated areas for shampoo and cutting, you can bring the design of both spaces together with equipment that offers a similar look and feel.



4. Shop with your clients in mind.
Whether you’re in the market for a cabinet-mounted, wall-mounted or a standalone back wash unit, it’s important to take client comfort into consideration. Shampoo units with a tilting basin can help accommodate a wider range of clients of different heights. You can transform a Virtus chair with a 640 shampoo base, which offers a 13-degree downward tilt with a 7-degree upward tilt, to better suit your clients.


5. Put yourself in their shoes.
Ergonomics is a top priority when shopping for seating arrangements. Chairs designed with a graduated back support helps alleviate the pressure of longer services for your clients, while a wider seating width is suitable for a broader range of clients. Once you find that perfect chair for both your clients and your team, ask about dryer, reception, and backwash options to carry over that level of comfort to all areas of your salon.