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October 2, 2016

5 Color Tips that Keep it Real

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Kenra Professional Senior Artistic Director Robb Dubré and his crew have been part of the BTC COLOR, Cut & Style (Early bird hotel deals AVAILABLE NOW for COLOR, Cut & Style 2017 in AUSTIN, TEXAS!) family since the beginning, and 2016 marked their fifth year on the COLOR stage. There’s a good reason they’re regulars—every year they bring their signature brand of five-steps-or-less color education and their pledge to provide replicable color and techniques that the audience can bring to the salon and put in practice immediately. This year, Robb, Laken Rose, Cassie Siskovic and David Lopez did it again with wearable shades and no-nonsense tips like these.


Best of Both Worlds
Are you intrigued by balayage, but still loyal to your foils? Laken has the answer—she calls it Structured Painting. With this technique, you combine hand painting with foiling to get the perfect storm of artistic freedom and order. And in true Kenra fashion, it’s a time-saver. As you go, simply wrap select sections in foil and cover your balayaged sections with clear film. The result is the most super-natural, bespoke color imaginable, in record time.


Better Babylights
Babylights amplify the overall brightness of any blonde, agreed? But because they’re, well, baby-fine, they’re also time-consuming. But they don’t have to be with Cassie’s method. Pivoting off of a crown section, she advises, alternate micro-weaves with slices as you lighten. This approach to babylights not only speeds up the application, it also provides maximum lightening impact with minimal foils.


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Bust Up Those Brown Outs
Red-headed beauties are rare, whether they’re natural or a product of your coloring skill. So of course you want to do your best to keep them as clear and vivid as possible. And when that violet/brown buildup on the ends starts to spoil your copper game, it’s devastating. Here’s a quick fix, advises Robb. Combine Kenra Blonding Cream with a bit of Copper Booster and 10-volume developer. Apply to browned-out mids and ends, diffusing the color to avoid hard lines.


Violet Hour
Deep violet tones are no-brainers for naturally dark clients—they provide just the right amount of fashionable impact. Want to get the most from your violets? Mix it up! “For the strongest violet result with lots of movement and color interplay on dark hair,” advises Laken, “alternate 6VR and 6RV throughout the head.”


Toner Save
And then there are those oops moments at the bowl, when you’re lifting to 11 in order to create a cool finished look, but you take the foils out too soon and…yuck. Still too much warm pigment remaining in the hair. When that happens, suggests Robb, grab Kenra Rapid Toner SV/Silver Violet and apply it to neutralize the remaining warmth. Those remaining, unwanted tones will be gone in five minutes. Then proceed with the toner you’ve selected to achieve your final cool result.



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