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September 13, 2016

5 Backstage Tips From ECRU New York

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Usually the scene backstage at New York Fashion Week (or any Fashion Week) is, in one word, chaotic. This was not the case for Lisa Lobosco, Creative Director of ECRU New York, and her team at the Daniel Silverstain show for Gen Art. Instead, this team was calm, focused and totally in control. Every stylist was working, willing and ready to jump onto the next model—which was a good thing considering creating this look was anything but easy!


Lisa worked with Daniel to come up with a style that helped complement the clothes and vision he was going for—think geometric lines with bit of a free-flowing attitude. Every girl ended up with a Mohawk-inspired look featuring sharp part lines and natural texture on the ends. Sounds awesome, right? But it was even more inspiring to see the entire thing come together. Here are a few backstage tips from this family of Fashion-Week pros.


Lisa Lobosco, Creative Director of ECRU New York worked with designer Daniel Silverstain for his SS2017 collection for Gen Art.


1. High-Fashion To Salon-Friendly
Daniel and Lisa came up with a geometric look that played with both the angles of the models’ faces as well as incorporating a little bit of natural texture. While the finished look was sleek, wet and full of drama, Lisa gave us some ways to bring this look into your salon and behind the chair. “You could do a version of this for proms or similar events,” Lisa says. “Try changing the amount of product: a less saturated, less intense look instantly takes this editorial style down to something more wearable.” Try going for a softer look on top and around the face, then make the back more edgy. Younger clients are more daring if it’s not the first thing everyone sees in their photos.


Hard parts mixed with a product-heavy crown and naturally-textured ends was the best way to accentuate the clothes.


2. Change The Part, Change The Look
From the zigzag to the deep side part—partings throughout any style can instantly and drastically change the look and feel of your client (or model’s!) hair. This style focused on hard parts that created triangle sections throughout the head, but try pulling the hair back with less product, then add a fun zigzag to the side of the head—all of a sudden teenagers everywhere will be rocking it. “I don’t think people always remember they can add a part…but when you do, it can change the whole look,” says Lisa.


Backstage can seem chaotic…but not for Lisa and her team.


3. Control The Backstage Madness
Madness..what madness? Team ECRU New York had their game face on during their backstage prep time. They had just under two hours to complete every model, and this was no typical hairstyle. Lisa’s advice? When it’s meticulous work, there is no time for crazy! The team was instead hyper-focused on the job at hand. And it doesn’t have to only be backstage at Fashion Week for this kind of work ethic—this philosophy can easily be applied to those busy Fridays and Saturdays at the salon.



4. Your Team Is Everything
Teamwork is the philosphy for ECRU New York. Might sound obvious, but they take the concept very seriously. So serious that when Lisa needed a helping hand, Mark Depasquale, the General Manager of ECRU New York, jumped right in! “No one has an attitude here, you do whatever needs to be done. You might have three people on one difficult head, and no one ever says, no—even Mark was here today,” Lisa says. This is super important if you’re dreaming of working backstage one day yourself. You have to be willing to do whatever the team needs, and never EVER say no!


Lisa, the head stylist for the show, managed her team and every model before they took their walk down the runway.


5. Off-Center Is The New Center
For Lisa’s Mohawk-inspired style, she created the middle section slightly off center. This was to give the style a little something extra. Daniel wanted the hair structural, funky and not too perfect. Plus, something this small doesn’t require too much added effort, but does add just the right amount of detail. Lisa said it’s things like this—throwing the “center” section off center or adding an embellished part—that can completely set the hairstyle apart from anything else.


Watch the ECRU New York team behind the scenes at NYFW!



Get the Fashion Week look!


Lisa Lobosco, Creative Director of ECRU New York, for Daniel Silverstain SS2017. 


Take a square, off-center section and clip. 


2. Divide the rest of the hair into a grid of geometric patterns. Use the Silk Texturizing Balm near the scalp to get clean partings and smooth the hair tight to the scalp.


3. Secure each section with a small elastic band and spray liberally with Sunlight Holding Spray


4. Go back to the first section and comb down panel by panel, using the Silk Texturizing Balm and Sunlight Holding Spray to create a smooth, flat panel that will be clipped at the nape of the neck.


5. Then, secure the hair at the base of the neck with a duckbill clip.


6. The end result is a clean, glass-like structure on the surface to the nape, with beautiful, natural textured ends.


Check out our Fashion Week photo album on Facebook for more shots of ECRU New York!

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