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November 30, 2016

4 Ways To Stay Inspired Behind The Chair

Whenever a client sits in your chair asking for a total hair makeover, you gotta be able to deliver. But, where do you go to get your inspiration? Here are four tips to stay inspired behind the chair!

4 Ways To Stay Inspired
Behind The Chair


Whenever a client sits in your chair asking for a total hair makeover, you gotta be able to deliver. But, where do you go to get your inspiration? Where do you find the creativity to come up with something new, cool and little bit cultured?

We have four tips to help you stay inspired behind the chair, and they all come from the same source—the label.m artistic team! label.m has taken the BTC stage twice in 2016, and as well as sharing some sick high-fashion styles and killer backstage tips, the hairdressers in the audience always love the inspiration the team provides onstage. Here are four ways to stay inspired behind the chair.

1. Collections Keep You Creative
When you feel your creative edge is slipping, go online and get inspired. The label.m team recently launched their latest collection, Catwalk Culture, and it’s literally visual inspiration to feed your creative mind. Mixing new variations of hairstyling with an eclectic combination of clothing, the collection was created to awaken your inner artist…and we know it will! See the full collection.

Embracing their signature style and rooted with individual looks,
the new campaign comes together as a collective to inspire the
modern hairdresser with up-and-coming styles.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Editorial or Session Styling
You CAN bring an editorial look down to the salon level—International Artistic Directors Richard Mannah and Efi Davies do it all the time! And, you know what happens when you take a high-fashion look and bring it down a notch or two? Chances are, you’ll create something completely new. Here’s a tip from Richard for bringing avant-garde into your salon.

This is an editorial knotting technique altered so that it can be
replicated in the salon. Richard adds different color wool, opens up the hair,
criss-crosses the sections and gets an impressive braided effect


3. Let The Seasons Feed Your Creative Spirit
Every season brings new trends—let pop culture and big events inspire you. Maybe you need to take a break behind the chair and hit up a concert or music festival to see the new styles popping up. This year, label.m hit up Coachella to give festival-goers the hottest “It” braids of the year and we got tons of tips. Get one of our faves below!

When a client wants something quirky/different, just go for it!
Think outside the box. Reverse the technique—try braiding from nape
to forehead. I
f you’re ready for the challenge, odds are the look
will turn
out to be something cool and fresh.

4. Just Say Yes
When International Artistic Directors Kevin Luchmun, Cos Sakkas, Indira Schauwecker, Efi and Richard hit the COLOR, Cut & Style Stage this year, they brought along edgy techniques they had created for top London designers, plus plenty of creative inspiration.

“If you ever get a chance to assist at a fashion show or a photo shoot, do it,” Richard advised the audience. “Even if you’re always in the salon. It will inspire you and push you out of your comfort zone. It will force you to practice new methods, and the more you practice, the better you get. Best of all, it will help you remember your love of being creative if you’ve forgotten how that feels.”

Now it’s time to get inspired!
See more looks from the Catwalk Culture Collection

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