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January 19, 2018

4 Tips For “Living Best” From RAC 2018

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What’s your 2018 goal? For Redken artists, it’s always been to “Learn better. Earn better. Live better.” This year, they’re taking it up a notch—they don’t want to just “live better,” they want to “Live BEST.” From tapping deeper into creativity to upping your social game, keep reading to get four tips on how you can live your best life as a hairdresser in 2018!


We had front row seats at the 2018 Redken Artist Convention, where we spent the weekend absorbing the creative opening show, state of the business presentation, tips galore (from social media to education to business), a lip sync battle AND hands-on classes. RAC was all about elevating the Redken tribe to live their best lives.



Find Your Creative Side In Unlikely Sources

  • The weekend’s opening show took inspiration from artists like Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichenstein and Alexander Calder. The artistic team (featuring talent Sam Villa, Kris Sorbie and Chris Baran) created elevated editorial hair with unexpected materials.
  • One of those materials? A wig made from pool noodles! The artists cut them up, blow-dried them to melt together and then molded them into wigs.
  • Takeaway: Think outside the box and get creative—and always be open to inspiration from unexpected sources.



This hair was made from pool noodles—the artists cut up different colors and blow-dried them together to create wigs for their models.


Celebrate All Successes To Create A Positive Mindset

  • “When you celebrate [even the little things] you shift your mindset, when you shift your mindset you become more positive, when you become more positive you take more risks, when you take more risks you make more mistakes, when you make more mistakes you learn more.” said Chris Baran, Redken Artistic Director Of Education.
  • Takeaway: Be open and willing to learn new ways to work, to learn new techniques and to learn that it is OK to make mistakes. That is how you grow as a person and as an artist.


Chris showcased his styling skills during the opening show and kicked off the conference the next day with some big inspirational tips. (Photo via @coachchrisbaran)


3. Dedicate Time To Social Media And Reap The Rewards

  • Social media isn’t going anywhere and if you don’t get on board, others will. You need to fight to stay relevant in the social market.
  • This year, challenge yourself to do a Facebook Live or Instagram Live—it’s a low-risk way to connect with your audience and help build a sense of community on your own page.
  • Here are three things to keep in mind for a successful live stream, courtesy of Aditi SharmaRedken Assistant Vice President of Public Relations and Social.
    • Production: buy an inexpensive ring light and always look good. It’s live, but you always need to present yourself well.
    • Prep: Yes, it’s a live stream and you don’t want to sound scripted, but you should know your key points and be able to hit them
    • Performance: Always perform. It’s hard to know the reaction of your audience on a live, but you must always keep your energy up.


Redken Artist Justin Isaac getting creative backstage before the opening show! (Photo via @worldofjustinisaac)


Continue Your Education

  • Hairdressers should never stop learning! Putting yourself out there to learn new techniques and new trends is not only a great way to build your business, but it keeps you from becoming stale in this industry.
  • Redken Artists Sean Godardand Justin Isaac went through the principles of creative color over the weekend and we’ve got the tips you don’t want to miss. Check out The Principles Of Color Placement and Sectioning For Maximum Color Impact.

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