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July 6, 2016

4 Men’s Styling How-Tos

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So you’ve perfected your balayage and your braids, but what about your barbering skills? It’s all good—we’ve got four classic looks your classic bros are going to love. The best part? They’re straight from the official hairdressers and products behind London Fashion Week, so you know they’re gonna be good. Check out the how-tos and products that make ’em happen and up your men’s game at the same time.

The Range by label.m is the new professional grooming line that allows you to create the latest trends in hairdressing and barbering, helping you perfect your modern men’s styles, shapes and textures. Get the how-tos your handsome guys are going to love below!


How-To: Ultravox


For a disheveled yet classic look? Go with a short back and sides cut with long, natural movement through the top. It’ll create just the right amount of volume. Here’s how to style the look:


1. Prepare the hair with Scalp Purifying Shampoo and Invigorating Conditioner.


2. To build immense fabric-like texture and definition, spritz Thickening Tonic throughout the hair.


3. Power-dry through, then sculpt and mold into shape.


4. Finish by pumping Resurrection Style Dust to the roots for added height and spray Texturising Volume Spray to the midlengths and ends for an undone disheveled look.


Pro Styling Tip: Use the Deconstructor for a separated texture and matte finish.


How-To: Preppy Cool


For a distressed, preppy-cool look? Try this short, tight, faded graduation cut through the sides and back, keeping the length on the top. Then try styling like this:


1. Apply Grooming Cream to hands and work into wet hair from the midlengths to the ends, distributing evenly.


2. To create height and hold through the quiff area, spritz Thickening Tonic into the hair.


3. Blow-dry and work the hair away from the face.


4. For a distressed finish, use Sculpting Pomade.



How-To: Urban Skin Fade


Inspired by London street culture, this look features the iconic skin fade and maintains the height on top. Here’s how to style it:


1. Prepare hair with Scalp Purifying Shampoo and Invigorating Conditioner.


2. Blow-dry the hair in a forward-facing direction.


3. Style with the Max Wax for a high-hold level.


Pro Styling Tip: For a more polished look, work Sculpting Pomade into the hands and evenly distribute throughout the hair.


How-To: ’90s Grunge


For a look with some attitude and inspired by the ’90s grunge era, cut his hair into a high-skin fade in contrast to the top and the fringe. Then try styling like this:


1. Prepare hair with Scalp Purifying Shampoo and Invigorating Conditioner.


2. Prep wet hair with Grooming Cream, apply into hands and distribute evenly.


3. Blow-dry hair to bring out the natural shine and volume.


4. To complete the look, apply Sculpting Pomade to create a slick look with high shine, work into the hair from root to tip.