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June 17, 2015

4 Hot Makeup Tips to Stay Cool

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When it comes to summer beauty trends, less is definitely more. Women don’t want caked on foundation that leaves their skin feeling heavy, nor do they want overly dark eye makeup. Summer is all about light, airy tones—think orange, dusty pinks and bronze. To help set you up for success for all your makeup clients, Lori Leib, Bodyography™ Cosmetics Creative Director and professional makeup artist, shares four important tips to follow for creating the perfect, carefree summer look.


1. First apply a tinted moisturizer like, Bodyography’s Sun Defense Tinted Moisturizer, to protect skin from harmful UV rays and to prep the canvas by giving it a glowing, even complexion. 



2. Apply an orange and bronze eye color. I like to use Bodyography’s Copper Mist Expression Duo which has both an all over peach shade mixed with a darker copper shade to complement the peach. Apply the shade all over the lid to get that easy bronze summer eye. Finish the look with mascara like Dramat-Eyes Mascara.


3. Use a universal bronzer and highlighter to accentuate features and give the skin a “just off the beach” bronze. I used Bodyography’s new Sunsculpt Bronzer and Highlighter Duo.


4. Go for an easy peach gloss like Tango, a shimmering coral shade looks great with a summer tan while also hydrating the lips.