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January 11, 2016

4 Colors In 4 Weeks!

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Gone are the days when clients bring in their favorite print magazine with their favorite Hollywood “It” girl on the cover and ask you to replicate her gorgeous look. Now it’s all about the digital world and what’s popping up on your client’s Instagram feed. And we know what’s popping up—COLORS. And now, thanks to colorpHlex, drastically changing your client’s color can happen on a weekly basis! Wait… WHAT?! Yep, we said weekly! Stylist Adina Ferra took on a project giving her client 4 colors in 4 weeks—the results were incredible, and BTC got the behind-the-scenes scoop just for you!


ColorpHlex allows you to break some of those beauty-school-taught rules while keeping your client’s hair as healthy as ever, even if you’re using bleach on her hair every week! This is how Adina made it happen.


Week 1:  Adina used PRAVANA LOCK-IN Purple as the base and wove in Pink and Wild Orchid highlights while pulling the purple through in parts of the weave. Her client started with virgin hair and it felt strong, healthy and shiny after the first treatment.


Week 2: Adina used PRAVANA VIVIDS Green and Orange on her client’s hair during week two. The color came out healthy, shiny and her hair felt like it had not gone through any sort of color or lightening process.


Week 3: PRAVANA VIVIDS Blue, Red and Orange were used in the third week. The hair continued to look healthy, strong and shiny, and even if you could still tell there had been some processing, it was in amazing condition.


Week 4: In the last week, Adina used PRAVANA VIVIDS Violet for the base and mixed highlights with Wild Orchid, Magenta and Pink. In a separate bowl, she mixed magenta together with the pink to create a custom pink color as an additional highlight. After the 4th week, her client’s hair felt like it had gone through a color and lightening process, but it was not damaged. Through it all her client’s hair maintained its health, shine and vibrancy.


In between color treatments Adina gave her client the colorpHlex Home Care Kit (containing Shampoo, Conditioner, and Nv Leave-In.) All are formulated with the same ColorStrong Complex™ as colorpHlex.


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