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October 20, 2016

3 Ways To Support Your Stylists and Bonus Beard Trim

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Sometimes, all you need is a little support. Support to do that cut you’ve been nervous to try. Support to continue your education. Support to believe in yourself. Supercuts is one of those companies that believes in all of these things. They want you to grow as a stylist and in your career, whether you’re trying to master your technical skills or move up in the salon. We chatted with Supercuts Artistic Director Jessica Phillips to get all the details on how this company might be exactly what you’re looking for.


“For me, Supercuts really taught me the proper way to cut, and really gave me the confidence to be a good stylist. I feel like they really believed in me. Before, I think I thought I was good…but I never really believed it. They gave me that confidence,” said Jessica.



What people might not realize is that at Supercuts you can do it all. If you want to manage, if you want to train or teach, you can work up to that level. All students go to a five-day cutting class that is required when they are first hired. Then, within the first one to three months at their salon, they attend a color class as well. Jessica broke down a few things she does as an artistic director to help young stylists work toward their goals.


1. Relate to them
I tell all my students, ‘When I was new, I felt just like you did.’ Jessica tells us, “We’ve all been in a place where we are nervous to do a certain cut or color, but when you relate to your students, it makes it easier for them to get out of that tough spot.”


2. Be Available
One really great thing about Supercuts is that the educators are always available and willing to chat. Jessica remembers when she was first starting out as as stylist, her manager really took her under his wing to help with her clipper-over-comb techqniue. “Any time we had a break, we would go in the back room and work on my techqniue. That’s not something you get at every salon,” said Jessica. Now, she tries to be that kind of example to her students, so that they can better their skills.


3. Coach them
“I really try to give all my stylists feedback and support,” says Jessica. “If they don’t have that support it’s hard to grow.” Jessica remembers one of her students being very nervous to do a beard trimming. So instead of talking her through it, she made her a deal—she would trim one half of the beard and her student would do the other half. “I thought if I showed her how, and then stood by her while she worked, it would help…and it did!” That’s the kind of support you can expect with all Supercuts managers and artistic directors.


And because beard trimming can be a tough one to tackle, we have a quick how-to from the Supercuts team.



1. For a beard that is bushy and unbalanced, you want to make a soft transition from the haircut into the beard. Start by removing the extra weight, then edge the outside to follow your client’s natural bone structure.


2. Use a ¾ blade to fade the cut into the beard, creating a smooth transition.


3. Then, working down the beard, remove extra weight by working clipper-over-comb. Use a 1½ blade to give yourself control and to help maintain the length that you want while also keeping some soft texture.



4. Next, remove the weight under the jawline, checking for balance as you move. Then, move to the other side.


5. After both sides have been completed, move underneath the chin. Working from the center out and using your comb for visual support to keep the balance.  


6. Once the overall shape is created, you can go back in with your trimmers and create some detail.


 Watch the entire beard trimming how-to!