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June 18, 2014

3 Ways To Increase Summer Profits

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At the award winning Eric Fisher Salons and Academy in Wichita, KS, Eric Fisher and his team know what it takes to heat up profits, especially during the sweltering summer months. Here Eric provides 3 helpful tips to increase your retail and service business, along with strategies on how to communicate with clients to make it happen.

1. Summer Retail Specials. Offer a discount on products clients will use during the summer such as color protecting and moisturizing hair products and SPF hair and skin care products. To drive these sales you can:
• Set up displays with the products and use shelf talkers to promote the discounts in the retail area.
• Communicate the discounts with the stylists so they can talk about the products to their clients while they are in the chair.
• At the Eric Fisher Salons, we have a “Did You Know” marketing piece that lists the latest promotions and recommends services to help communicate with the guest and the stylist.




2. Summer Service Specials. Offer a discount on services that will benefit the client during the summer such as:
• 20% off a haircut with the purchase of any color service
• 20% off waxing services
• $20 off a Signature Facial
• $15 Conditioning Treatment with the purchase of a haircut




3. Create Buzz about Summer Specials.  At the Eric Fisher Salons, their goal when promoting summer specials is to create something the stylist can talk to the guest about and the guest can talk to others about. As we all know, word of mouth marketing is the best kind of marketing, so try to create buzz around the latest trends, such as Balayage color techniques or Jennifer Lawrence’s recent cut. Celebrities set the pace for the latest trends. “To increase our service and retail business at EFS during the summer, we educate our clients on the latest trends, promote summer hair and skin care products, host events, and offer service and product promotions,” notes Eric. They also use social media, their blog and a monthly “Feel Beautiful” newsletter to communicate with their guests. “We showcase celebrity summer looks, talk about the latest color trends and the best haircuts for summer.”


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