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December 2, 2016

3 Trending Hollywood How-Tos

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It’s not uncommon for a client to come in, phone in hand, ready to show you her lastest celebrity hair inspiration. Celebrity stylists like Justine Marjan, whose clients include Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and Lily Aldridge, are ahead of the hair trend game. That’s why Justine teamed up with CHI Haircare to put together three Hollywood hairstyles, inspired by her clients’ most requested looks. Check ’em out!


1. The Textured Lob



1. Prep damp hair with CHI Magnified Volume Spray Foam and CHI 44 Iron Guard.


2. Then, blow-dry with a CHI Touch 2 Dryer and a CHI Turbo Ceramic Round Brush for volume.


3. After hair is blown dry, apply CHI Dry Shampoo and use a Dura CHI 1¼-inch Clamp Curling Iron.


4. Curl sections by alternating wrapping the hair and twisting with long vertical sections.


5. Back-brush with a CHI Backcomb Brush then apply CHI Styling Cream Gel on the ends.


6. Spray CHI Helmut Head Hairspray for hold.



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2. The Flirty High Pony



1. Prep hair with CHI Magnified Volume Spray Foam and then blow-dry with the Dura CHI Handshot Dryer and CHI Vent Brush.


2. Spray dry hair with the CHI Magnified Volume Hairspray and brush through.


3. Curl hair with the Dura CHI 1¼-inch Clamp Curling Iron, holding the iron horizontally for a fuller curl.


4. After the entire head has been curled, separate the back section from the front and clip away.


5. Apply CHI Finishing Pomade to the roots and use a fine-tooth comb to gather the front section into a high ponytail, securing with an elastic band.


6. Repeat on the bottom section of hair, adding the remaining hair to the first ponytail, securing with a hair bungee or another elastic band.


7. Wrap a piece of hair around the base to cover the elastics, then secure with a bobby pin underneath.


8. Re-curl any hair, if needed, so the ends have a nice bend to them.


9. Lift up the ponytail, then use a brush to French lace the hair down. Use the brush to smooth the hair over the top of the pony.


10. Use your fingers and the back of a rattail comb to detail the ponytail, then spray with CHI Helmet Head Hairspray to finish.



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3. The Braided Updo



1. Prep hair with CHI Argan Oil throughout and apply CHI Finishing Pomade through the roots.


2. Divide the hair into two sections (front and back).


3. Use the CHI Smoothing Brush and CHI Helmet Head Hairspray to gather the front section into a high ponytail.


4. Smooth the back section up into the ponytail, spraying with more hairspray and applying more pomade if needed until all the hair is secure.


5. Fishtail braid through the length of the ponytail, then wrap, twist or tie into a knot and secure with French pins.


6. Spray with more CHI Helmet Head Hairspray to hold, using your fingers to play around with the placement of the braid.


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