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February 1, 2017

3 Timeless Tips For New Educators

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So you want to be an educator—you love to inspire other stylists and help people build their skills. We totally get that! We hung out with ColorProof Evolved Color Care educators at their Train the Trainer event, where their color family got super-close and learned everything they need to know to make other stylists successful. Get the tips!


1. Bring In Social Media Right Away
When you get onstage, give yourself a big introduction and be sure to mention your social media—ask everyone to take out their phones and follow you. This will get your name and your brand out there. Ask the class to take a selfie with you, and post it right away. This helps with your following, but more importantly, shows your class that you’re active on social and that you want to engage with them…even after your class has ended.


2. Never Sell Yourself Short
When you’re onstage educating, never, ever sell yourself short. If you are unsure about something, don’t let it show. In the eyes of your attendees, you’re the one onstage and you’re the one teaching, so to them, you’re the expert. If you’re a new educator, you don’t need to mention that to your audience. Stick with what you know and be confident.


3. Make Yourself Memorable With The Specifics
Have a topic of conversation that’s a go-to and that’s specific to you for when you have a moment of time to fill. Make sure it has a good takeaway value for your attendees and is something that makes you memorable.


Here’s an example: Ask your audience if they ever have trouble getting stylists to sell products. Usually, the answer will be yes. Then, provide a way to solve this dilemma. This is how one ColorProof educator sold her idea: “With upcoming holidays, my owner brings in a boa—for Valentines Day, it’s pink and for St. Patrick’s Day it’ll be green—and whenever someone makes a retail sale, the boa goes on their station. So the boa is constantly making its way around the salon as stylists sell product. Then, my owner has his wife call randomly throughout the day and whenever she calls, the stylist with the boa on their station receives a small gift card. This way, selling becomes fun and super-important to every stylist.”


Not only is this idea something your audience can take with them, but it is something that will set you apart when you’re onstage. 


ColorProof Founders Jim and Cheryl Markham, plus Artistic Director Phillip Wilson snap some funny pics with their ColorProof Family.


BTC’s Christen with Phillip at the ColorProof cocktail party!



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