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November 3, 2015

3 New Ways To Take Her Hair From Straight To Smooth

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Have you heard? Smooth is the new straight and everyone needs to get on board. For years, straight hair was all clients would talk about, but now there is a new collection of products addressing what everyone really means when they talk “straight” hair. The secret is smooth hair and Keratherapy knows just what you need.


From a business perspective, as well as giving your clients hair they will love, the smoothing products from Keratherapy could be the answer your clients and your salon have been waiting for. No matter the type, cut or style of hair, smoothing products have something to offer for everyone. Here are three beautiful ways to take your clients from straight to smooth:


1. Keratherapy Daily Smoothing Cream



For the client who needs stronger, shinier and smoother hair that will last all day, Keratherapy Daily Smoothing Cream creates the look she has always wanted. With this amazing heat-activated blowout cream, agonizing about frizz and humidity is a worry she no longer needs to stress over.

How-To: Dispense a small amount into hands, and apply to towel-dried hair. Blow hair dry to activate and style as desired.

2. Keratherapy Rapid Rescue


For the client who needs some repair on her long locks, Keratherapy’s Rapid Rescue revives her hair back to its shiny, smooth state. From instantly transforming her hair, to mending split ends and hydrating her overall mane, there isn’t much Rapid Rescue can’t do.

How-To: Apply to damp hair before blowing dry or throughout the day on dry hair for a refreshing, hydrated shine.


3. Keratherapy Nourishing Styling Foam


For your client who wants all that body and all that lift without the added worry of frizzy hair, this airy mousse is everything she needs. Keratherapy’s Nourishing Styling Foam works on all hair types to smooth the cuticle and reduce frizz, giving her the smooth look that really lasts.

How-To:  Shake well and dispense foam into palm. Work through towel-dried hair from roots to ends.



Michael Bell, Vice President of Sales in North America for Keratherapy, says, “Stylists already have an untapped base of potential business with existing clients, the challenge is to recognize that the category has evolved to include multiple options based on differing client needs.”


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