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December 3, 2014

3 Hot How-Tos from Denman!

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The right tools can make all the difference when creating your client’s perfect ‘do. No one knows this better than the pros at Denman, who have a brush that can stand up to any styling challenge! See how it’s done with these three hot how-tos.



Volumised Quiff
Blow drying your hair using the Denman D100 Tunnel Vent Brush, this brush will speed up the drying process as the vents in the brush allow warm hair to circulate directly at root level.


2. Using a little bit of shaping cream apply this to the sides and top of the hair. Blow dry the hair back.


3. Take the Denman D91 Dressing Out Brush and begin to backcomb the top section of hair, this will make the quiff stand up.


4. Finish by smoothing quiff back using the palms of your hands for a rough textured look.




Straight Hair Without Irons

1. Towel dry your hair until it is damp.


2. Take the Denman D79 Straightening Brush and begin to blowdry the hair straight using this brush. Clamp the straightening brush on a small section of damp hair. Point the hairdryer at the vented section of the brush and slowly glide both the brush and hairdryer down that section of hair to straighten it.


3. By using this brush you are straightening your hair without causing any damage unlike flat irons. The natural boar bristles will gently grip the hair and smooth the cuticle for a straight, glossy and manageable look.


4. Continue this technique all over your hair.



Pump Up the Volume

 Starting at the top of the hair, spray it with hairspray and begin to backcomb with the Denman D91 Dressing Out Brush. Continue this technique at the sides of the hair.


2. Brush the backcombed hair back using the Denman D81M Nylon Bristle Brush (don’t worry it won’t affect your backcombed hair, you will still have the volume but it will just be smoothed and more sleek.) Pin the backcombed hair at the back of the head using bobby pins.


3. Curl the rest of your hair with either straighteners, curling tongs or wands, whichever you prefer.


4. Finish with hairspray!