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December 19, 2014

3 Holiday Hair How-Tos

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Make sure she’s the belle of the ball at all of her holiday gatherings this year with these three hot holiday hairstyles from Celebrity Stylist and Women’s Rogaine® SpokespersonJill Crosby. But what if she has thin or thinning hair? Not a problem—these looks work well on all hair types! Just remember to keep the style loose, which will give it a fuller appearance. The key is to create volume and texture—the holidays are all about that added va va voom! Need a way to keep your client’s hair energized throughout the New Year? Recommend New! Women’s Rogaine! Try it for yourself— Receive a FREE 60-day sample of Women’s Rogaine®!


1. The Elegant Updo



Julie Bowen’s hair on the red carpet was a super easy to put together for an elegant, almost period look and would make an amazing holiday hair style!” says Jill, Julie’s go-to stylist.  


Get the Look:
1. Start by blow-drying the hair with BlowPro Mousse for a strong base and added volume. Work the product through with your fingers, without a brush to create extra lift.


2. When the hair is dry, begin grabbing it in sections—don’t be specific, each grab should be slightly different than the last to create diversity in the pattern. Wrap each section around the outer barrel of a curling iron, twisting it as you wrap.


3. Repeat this twisting and wrapping process, but also alternate between different size curling irons to create even more variation to the pattern.


4. Once you’ve twisted and wrapped the entire head, begin pinning from the nape of the neck working upward with bobby pins. Decorative bobby pins are a great way to add a special holiday feel to the look. Sections should be pinned loosely, yet directionally; not too tight or constructed.


5. After you’ve pinned most of the wrapped strands, apply some pomade to your fingers for a smooth finish and gently pull the front pieces back. You can pull straight back or off to the side for added drama.


6. Finish off the look with a medium hold hairspray to keep it in place.


Jill’s Pro Tip: “Adding a decorative bobby pin will easily transform any style into a festive holiday look. I created the ornamented bobby pins for Julie’s look by beading together regular bobby pins. You can get creative with your own or find them anywhere from your local drugstore to a department store. When working with any hair ornament, remember to be conscious of the size according to the style so that you don’t take away from the look you’ve created. The holidays are the perfect time to experiment, so have fun with it!”


2. Double Braid Crown



“I love this look on Kate; it’s elegant, youthful, perfect on the red carpet and works just as well for a fabulous holiday look,” says Jill of Kate Bosworth’s ethereal style.


Get the Look:
1. For this deconstructed look, begin by adding volume to the hair to give it texture and to add dimension to the under structure of the style.


2. Use mousse and a diffuser to enhance the volume even more. You can also use a curling iron for added shape but keep the wave pattern loose to avoid tight curls or ringlets.


3. Next, decide whether you want the style to veer off to the side or go straight back. This will help determine where you begin braiding.


4. Begin braiding with smaller sections of hair, keeping it loose so that the texture is apparent throughout the entire braid. If hair is shorter or thinner, you can clip in hair pieces before you begin braiding for added length and volume.


5. Once you’ve braided the entire length of the hair that you are working with, wrap the braid around the crown of the head, pinning as you go. Simple decorative clips or adorned bobby pins strategically placed throughout the style will add a touch of holiday sparkle.


6. Finish by spraying with a medium hold hair spray. You don’t need to smooth down the finish, the texture adds to the modern feel of the style.


3. The Holiday Headband  



“Jennifer’s look is simple yet sophisticated, stylish and pretty, I adore it! It’s also a bit reminiscent of a ballerina,” notes Jill. 


Get the Look:
1. Begin by spraying hair with a thickening spray and blow-drying the hair with a round brush. I like to use Maximista or Oribe to create volume and lift.


2. Next, apply a thermal spray and begin creating soft waves with a large barrel curling iron.


3. Once you’ve created loose waves throughout the entire head, back-brush a bit to lock in volume.  With a touch of Oribe Fiber Groom on your fingers, gently rack through the hair, shaping it into a loosely structured chignon.


4. Secure the chignon, keeping the look slightly messy and full of volume.


5. Finish the look by adding a petite headband. Rich fabrics like this velvet one are great for the holidays, and jeweled ones will work well, too.


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